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Massive boobs, small back, pregnant... advice appreciated!

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Joy27 Thu 25-Jun-09 18:05:47

My bosoms were 30F to begin with, and now I'm pregnant they're mahoosive and my bras fail to contain them. They're quite sore, too.

I fully intend to buy some lovely Hot Milk numbers and have been lusting after them since before I was even pg!

The thing is, I'm only 8 weeks pregnant... Is there any point investing in nice maternity bras now, or are my boobs/back going to expand loads more before I have the baby? Is there such a thing as an expandable maternity bra? Or should I just abandon my Hot Milk dreams and get some cheapo ones which I can upgrade to an even more outlandish size later on?

And actually, have just thought- do Hot Milk even DO maternity bras for my sort of size? Will check- but in the mean time, any other suggestions for mat bras for a (probably bigger than, now) 30F bust?

Oh, also (sorry), can any other similarly large-chested ladies give me an idea of exactly how big their boobs got during pregnancy? Quite frankly I'm frightened. Surely they can't get much bigger? They will explode!

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 25-Jun-09 18:08:42

my boobs were about a 32F before I was pregnant with DS2, they increased to a 32 G/H.

I would try to get to bravissimo / john Lewis / reputable Bra establishment (ie not M&S!)

they do big sizes.. bravissimo online

hairtwiddler Thu 25-Jun-09 18:15:24

Ok, brace yourself... you did ask.
I was an F pre-pregnancy. Only got up to a G during pregnancy but when feeding... (look away now if you really don't want to know).
. 36K
Could only fit into Royce bras.
Agree - get to bravissimo, john lewis, or sadie the bra lady if you live in the north east.

Joy27 Thu 25-Jun-09 18:18:26

hairtwiddler- YOWZERS!! Don't know whether to be impressed or to cry!

Thanks for the bra tips ladies.

Do you think it's a bit previous to buy some new ones now bearing in mind I'm only 8w?

hairtwiddler Thu 25-Jun-09 18:24:02

I went recently (am 18 weeks now) and stood firm when they said they couldn't sell me underwired bras. I know for a fact I'll have to go into soft cup hammocks after the birth so am planning uplift for as long as possible. Will probably move into non-wires later on in the pregnancy when bump gets bigger. Currently in 34GG.
I suspect that at 8 weeks you are at the peak of boob soreness and it will settle down a bit. However, I would buy new ones for comfort, do lots of hand washing and see how you go.
You have my sympathies. Big and sore breasts are not pleasant.
I'm probably just a freak of nature! Usually people only go up a few cup sizes.
Hot milk only go up to an F though so unlikely you'll get into them sorry. Bravissimo have an ok range though.

monkeyfacegrace Thu 25-Jun-09 18:27:12

I was a 34G before preg, and went to a 34J, did 2 weeks of breastfeeding then went to formula, and my boobs didn't change. I was 18 and a size 10 so I looked a bit silly, but also being young I wanted amazing underwear! I loved Bravissimo, but is much much cheaper. Everyone grows differently, but the bras at brastop are about 60% off, around £10 each, so go mad and just buy more when your body changes. As it happens, Ive had a boob job now and am a 34DD, and its the best desicion I ever made!

Joy27 Thu 25-Jun-09 22:36:49

Thanks for all the advice ladies. Good to know there are other top-heavy types out their facing the battle of the bra...

monkeyfacegrace I'm glad you've ended up with the boobs you want! Good on you.

I'm actually very happy with my pair, and don't mind if they get bigger (and now am prepared for figures up to H and K)... as long as I have support and a bra which makes me feel just a touch glam rather than like a huge dairy cow with udders bound up in hammocks.

I think it is worth splashing out on a couple of new boulder holders at this stage and seeing how I go.

Balls to Hot Milk only going up to an F. I absolutely love their bras and they're losing out on a big (arf) customer base there. Never mind, Bravissimo/John Lewis here I come!

lastboxoftampons Fri 26-Jun-09 10:58:45

I feel quite small posting on here blush But I was a 32D before pregnancy and I'm now wearing a 36EE. I'm carrying quite high, which I think is contributing to the larger band size - everything is pushed up IYSWIM. You can get extenders for the bands which might help, but I think you'd be more concerned about the cup size.

I also stuck with my underwires, but a friend gave me a few maternity bras without - I just hate them, they do nothing for me.

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