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Delivering at Kings - what to bring for baby?

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lastboxoftampons Thu 25-Jun-09 15:50:38

I've been reading through what to pack in a hospital bag and was wondering what exactly I need to bring for the baby for delivery at Kings in London? Does the hospital provide nappies? If not, how many should I bring? What about blankets? Clothing, etc?

lilyrose123 Thu 25-Jun-09 20:47:10

dunno if all the same,

where i was they put the first nappy on the baby then you were expected to privide your own, i took bout ten cos knew my hubby could bring more in if needed.
there were blankets and sheets there but i used my own blanket out of preference, the ones with holes in are best cos they dont over heat as much then they allow air flow.
prob need a vest and baby grow/outfit for each day, again i knew i could get hubby to bring more stuff in so think i took 2-3vests and 2-3 grows, a hat and a crdigan which i didnt need in the end, muslim cloths are useful for winding or putting on shoulder whilst holding baby x

i also took a baby towel, cotton wool balls, for bathing x

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