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Did you feel different in early pregnancy with your different children?

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HarriedWithChildren Thu 25-Jun-09 14:42:44

Clumsily worded subject but what I'm trying to find out is whether you felt better in some pregnancies that in others, e.g. less sick, tired, sore breasts, needing to wee...

Poss 7 week PG with #3 and not feeling sick nor tired whereas was a wreck of exhaustion and nausea with DC1 & 2. I suspect all is not well in there but no way of knowing until I see the MW next week. Still testing positive though.

geekfreak Thu 25-Jun-09 15:07:08

Harried, there's an antenatal clubs Feb 2010 thread with quite a bit of this stuff on. I'm new to this, so can't do a link, but come and join us!

I definitely feel different this time round. Last time I felt OK all day and sick in the evenings, and was a bit tired, whereas this time I'm exhausted, feel sick almost all the time, and sometimes feel faint.

I think your body is different going into each pg, so you react differently to the hormones coursing round. It may well be nothing to worry about, and the fact that you're testing positive has to be a good sign. But can you seek medical advice earlier if you're concerned? Maybe get an early scan or an hcg blook test?

readyfornumber2and3 Thu 25-Jun-09 15:10:34

The only symptom I had with DS was sore breasts to the point I went to my 12 week scan expecting them to tell me I had dreamed the BFP lol

This time I woke up in the night with sore breasts and thought "Im pregnant" and went back to sleep lol I tested that morning and got faint bfp (was only 3+4) then I got struck down by extreme tiredness between 6 and 13 weeks and felt nauseas in the evenings most nights, found out at the 12 week scan it was twins shock

I wouldnt worry about lack of symptoms too much,some people are just luckier than others.
Also at 7 weeks there is still plenty of time for the exhaustion and nausea to set in lol wink

Congratulations on your pg and hope you have a very boring and uneventful 9 months smile

HarriedWithChildren Thu 25-Jun-09 20:57:08

Thanks for messages and redirection to the antenatal club which I didn't know existed. No idea how PG I might be really since haven't had period after DC2 but felt sick, big chested and bloated 3 weeks ago hence testing. Symptoms still there but very low key. Not much we can do about it now so might as well hope, wait and see.

Congrats to you on #2 and #2&3 (how thrilling and terrifying) and hope it is all plain sailing from now on.

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