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URGENT - hand foot & mouth

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sparkle Sat 14-May-05 11:12:48

Hi, My DD is 1 today and I have just noticed blisters on her toes and the bottom of her feet. Think it is probably hand foot and mouth so will postpone her party but is there any risk to pregnant people? Both my sister and a friend are around 14 weeks and I have seen them both, probably when she was most contagious. Can't find any info on the websites about pregnancy but her midwife wasn't sure so advised to stay away.

binkie Sat 14-May-05 12:34:01

I'd be careful - but more because of the fever that can go with hfm than because of the actual virus.

However - ds had hand foot & mouth at 18 mths, a matter of days before his sister was due & doctor said nothing to worry about at all - either re pregnancy or for a newborn. Of course that was late pregnancy, though.

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