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Anything to stop the bloating... anything!

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jaype Wed 24-Jun-09 20:39:08

Please, please can someone tell me what to do to try and deflate the bloating I am suffering from? I'm only 9+2 (with dc3) but look about 5 months pregnant. It's okay in the morning but by mid afternoon my stomach swells like a beach ball. I'm quite slim normally and the last two times didn't show till I was about 5 months gone. But this is ridiculous.

Every time I sit down it pokes up into my ribs and makes me feel even more sick than normal. I can't drink lots of water because that makes me barf. Can I take anything for it? Gaviscon? Anything? Please??

TOK Wed 24-Jun-09 21:24:06

Hi Jaype, I was going to recommend drinking cooled boiled water, my MIL swears by it but other than that, the only way I could relieve the bloating was through gentle exercise. Not always possible/practical, I know. Not sure Gaviscon would do anything for bloating. If it's seriously bad, mention it to the midwife to see if there's anything you can take. It will pass eventually (although thats no consolation at the moment!).

mummytopebs Wed 24-Jun-09 21:33:09

Im with ya, im 9 + 3 and i am exactly the same, i am going to have to get my maternity trousers out. Mine is hard as well thougyh so definitly look about 5 month.

jaype Wed 24-Jun-09 22:54:17

It is totally solid from just below my belly button up to my ribs and is painful. Actually, since writing earlier I can feel some slo-mo gut movement and the top is a little more comfortable. Think my gut is just processing things at a snail's pace. With my last pg at my first scan the sonographer remarked on the amount of gas in there (don't worry, didn't notice any coming out then and there isn't any now - major environmental disaster alert avoided!). Though last time wasn't nearly as bad...

GracieGirl Thu 25-Jun-09 03:28:45

I'm 7 + 3 and ooh up at 3am pacing round the house trying to get rid of painful bloating. I've been in maternity jeans since 6 weeks as no chance of normal clothes fastening. Only had a miscarriage before so no sucessful pregnancy for me to compare it too. Obviously none of my cures are actually working else I'd be tucked up in bed right now hmm but so far these have helped -
Half an hours walk after evening meal.
Eating evening meal much earlier
Eating little and often
Peppermint tea
Prunes definitely sort the slow moving bowel - they taste foul though!

Longtalljosie Thu 25-Jun-09 07:07:03

Probiotic yoghurt? That may speed things up a bit...

jaype Thu 25-Jun-09 10:05:41

Right, ddH got some Activia in so will be tucking in shortly. Tried eating dried and fresh apricots last night but they all came back up (sorry - tmi in the morning). My body is not very fruit and veg friendly at the moment... Must try windeeze and peppermint tea also.

wasabipeanut Thu 25-Jun-09 14:15:08

I suffer this too. Only 8 + 3 but I seem to gently inflate throughout the day so by evening waistbands and bra feel like they are cutting me in half.

Will try Pepp tea and Activia.

Due to mc history am exremely reluctant to pull maternity gear out of loft but its getting difficult!

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