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Jst found out I'm diabetic, I'm gutted and really need some advice

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memoo Wed 24-Jun-09 17:03:40

Sorry because I'm always on here moaning at the moment.

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I've just found out today that I am diabetic. All i've been told is that i'll have to check my blood every day and follow a special diet.

Have to go to antenatal day unit on friday morning to get further information and get the stuff for testing my blood sugar levels.

Can anybody tell me what will happen, will i have to take insulin? also what will be the implecations for the rest of my pregnancy and delivery.

It already looks like i'm having a big baby, i'm huge for my dates. Do you think i'll end up being induced?

Sorry so many questions but actually feel quite scared!

Tyniclogs Wed 24-Jun-09 18:22:55

Hello Memoo, I posted a thread about having Gestational Diabtetes late in pregnacy, I've only been diagnosed at the end of this second pregnancy and had a large baby last time. I'm sure there are others who have had the diabetes for longer who can reassure you. But just wanted to say it may be able to be controlled through diet and it won't mean you automatically have a huge baby, especially since they have found out earlier. It's not quite as scarey as it sounds and with luck it will go away as soon as the baby is born. I've felt loads better in the last stage of pregnancy for cutting out sugar and was surprised at what a difference it made to how I felt, both physically and my moods. Like you I felt really hacked off when I first found out but tried to think positively that it wasn't forever.

I did have a big baby last time (11lb 10oz!) but think genetics have a part to play aswell in my case. If they know you have GD and they suspect a big baby you will be given options. I'm having a planned c-section tomorrow at 38 weeks and feel this is the best option for me. I hope you feel a little reassured that you're not alone, don't be scared it will all be ok smile

mummy2b85 Wed 24-Jun-09 18:42:40

Try not to worry too much- easier said than done! I don't much about gestational diabetes bit i do know that the most important thing with diabetes is to keep a close eye on it and make sure its well controlled. You may not need to have insulin, it depends on which type you have, type 1 or 2.

Type 1 is insulin dependent when your pancreas does not excrete any insulin at all and type 2 is diet and tablet controlled when ur pancreas does not excrete enough insulin to keep your blood sugars low.

I know a few people with diabetes and they live very healthy and normal lives.

Hope this helps

Beccabump Wed 24-Jun-09 19:01:37

Hi there

I was diagnosed with GD at 30 weeks and believe me it's not all that bad!

I have to test my sugars with a pin-prick of blood once or twice a day and eat a sensible diet that really has made all the difference - my baby is growing well within the normal levels.

I see the diabetic team every 3/4 weeks and I can also ring them at any time if I have a query about my levels e.g. I was worried the other day they were high and I was poorly - nothing to worry about and they are sorted again!

It really is a case of being strict with the diet they tell you, cutting out snacks is vital and also switching to low-sugar/no added sugar things where possible.

Just to clarify, Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed early in life, and can be insulin dependant. Type 2 is also called late-onset diabetes and although usually diet or tablet controlled it can also be necessary to have insulin. GD is most similar I think to Type 2 and I know that some women are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 if they have had GD in their pregnancies. I will be screened yearly (fasting not GTT!) to keep an eye on how I am doing.

My Dad and grandfather are both TYpe 2 diabetics, my Dad tablet and diet controlled and my Grandad insulin dependant so I have had quite a few years of living with the effects of diabetes and also GD within the family!

Yes, GD babies are generally bigger, but as has been said, genetics play a great part too! If your baby is large, they may suggest induction to you but remember you do not have to go along with this - speak to your mw too, mine was really reassuring regarding my ability to get this baby out! Some consultants are very much hands on and interventionist with GD, i have had 2 extremes so far, one okaying a home birth and one refusing!!

Just remember to take it easy and to really try to stick with the diet - I was so moody for a few days with no chocolate snacks etc. But now I find it really easy to do and there is very little I can't have for my main meals (pizza sends my sugars sky high so it's off the menu for now!). And remember once you have your little baby you can eat what you like!!

HTH xxx

sl003 Wed 24-Jun-09 19:49:36

My sister had diabetic when she was pregnet.It was diagnosed when she was around 6 weeks pregnet.Since that till labour she have to have insiuline.Finally she gave birth for a lovely little boy and he is nearly 2 years now.Dont worry too much.every things will be fine. Only thing what i realized is you have to be well controlled when you are diabetic.

memoo Wed 24-Jun-09 20:28:15

Thanks for the messages, they are very reassuring. This is my 3rd baby and with the first 2 I never had any problems at all so just assumed everything would be fine.

When I phoned for the results of GTT earlier I just assumed it would be negative so wasn't worrying at all, so when the midwife said I have diabetes I was totally stunned!

I'm worried about doing the blood monitoring but the thing thats worrying me the most is having to keep to a strict diet.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself really because I'll only find out exactly what I need to do when I go back to clinic on Friday.

I do tend to have big babies anyway, my first was 9lb5 and I struggled to get her out. My second was just under 9lbs and I didn't struggle with him at all. Hopefully that means that even if I do have a big baby I won't have trouble delivering her.

I have just finished work and was so looking forward to spending my days sat on the couch eating chocolate, guess thats out the window now LOL

Thanks again for the message, I do feel a lot calmer now

Tyniclogs, Good luck with you CS, how exciting to know you're going to be meeting your baby tomorrow! smile

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