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Bounty club, Boots club, Cow and Gate etc etc...

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heylottie Wed 24-Jun-09 12:51:08

Is it worth signing up to these things? Am 24 weeks and, so far, I have resisted (haven't sent off for anything, haven't picked up my Bounty pack in Boots or Asda or wherever you get it) - mostly because I don't want a flood of junk mail.

But pregnancy paranoia makes me think 'hmmm am I missing out on amazing things for free'? Or shall I just not bother? In a really wierd, slightly deranged way part of me thinks that by NOT signing up I am not doing things properly. And so it begins...

mamadiva Wed 24-Jun-09 12:54:50

LOL I was out to grab everything I could LOL.

Boots and Tesco are good as you get extra card points and you get a free starter kit from Boots includinga changing bag and samples which do come in handy.

Neither of these give you a lot of junk mail but Bounty is the biggest pile of pants out, all those packs have in them is leaflets and the odd sample.

It does'nt do any harm though not in my case I can't say I've had floods of junk mail from any of them TBH.

nimsy Wed 24-Jun-09 13:08:13

I've joined boots pregnancy club but nothing else. Am a confirmed boots advantage card points collector already, though.

Not really sure what else is out there - the stuff in the bounty thing from the hospital wasn't much use to me, I don't think.

Don't worry you've got plenty of time - I am 32wks and haven't bought a thing yet - think I am trying to delay the inevitable.

Also not sure what is really necessary and what is just window dressing!

Botbot Wed 24-Jun-09 13:12:26

Bounty is good if you're after two sachets of Lenor, a mini can of Diet Coke and to receive huge amounts of junk mail for the rest of your life.

Boots was OK though - I used the changing bag for ages and still carry the changing mat around with me even though dd is nearly 3 and toilet trained (it's useful for sitting on wet grass!)

The worst was the - god I can't even remember the name of it - someone's diary? pack that you get from Lloyds Pharmacy. That was just a pile of leaflets in a carrier bag.

carrielou2007 Wed 24-Jun-09 13:14:09

Defo Boots parenting club, even if you have your own changing bag you can have one for nursery/grannies etc and you get loads of really good coupons.

I'm a sucker for anything free so am now on my second lot of Emma's pack, Bounty, etc etc. I didn't get too much junk mail and if there was a 'tick if you do not want us to pass your info on' box I always ticked it. The most annoying thing for me was getting brochures from verdabut and Jojo Mama constantly.

Lots of coupons for pampers has been very useful!

scratchet Wed 24-Jun-09 14:30:44

Stupid question alert!! Does the changing bag from boots come via post? I applied online ages ago and still haven't got anything!

olivo Wed 24-Jun-09 16:19:16

scrathet - boots send you a coupon and when you buy some nappies ( pampers i think), you get the bag.

olivo Wed 24-Jun-09 16:19:54

oops, sorry for my dodgy typing of your name blush

mrswee Wed 24-Jun-09 16:20:35

The boots changing bag - you only get that free now after you've joined the parenting club and then when you buy tour first packet of pampers.
Has anyone had one recently? is it just a bag or does it come with a mat and some samples. IE is it worth it?
I've joined the boots parenting club but haven't bought a pack of pampers as I'm only 26 weeks and I don't know whether to even bother with the free changing bag!

olivo Wed 24-Jun-09 21:06:59

mrs wee, its just a bag (and a mat i think). i got the huggies one last time around and it had plenty of samples. i got this one anyway as a spare but IMO, it's nothing to rush for!!

mrswee Wed 24-Jun-09 22:27:22

that's what I thought! if I decide to buy some pampers nearer the time then I'll probably get it as a spare too.... (I need another bag like a hole in the head!!)

jaype Wed 24-Jun-09 22:59:27

You can join some sort of Pampers club at their website, then they send you a newsletter but also a heap of coupons. Or at least they did last time I went through this 3 years ago.

littleducks Wed 24-Jun-09 23:08:04

dont know if its still running but the bounty packs from asda were good, the actual contents was hit and miss but if you collected from asda they gave you a £5 george baby voucher and their three packs of newborn white bodysuits are like £1.25 or something silly so you can get somethin useful with

brightonbleach Thu 25-Jun-09 18:41:54

the Boots one is good, they send you the voucher as others have said & you collect the black & grey changing bag from Boots (you have to buy one pack of nappies for it), its worth £29.99 and is nice in my opinion... They also have you at double points for all baby-related items & send you vouchers for other things (I got this week in the post: 500 points for joining their repeat prescrption service & half-price nappies vouchers), so I think the Boots one is good.

bounty isn't too good so far, tons of leaflets and some sad samples...

am 21+5 & will be looking out for other freebies!!

Baisey Thu 25-Jun-09 20:08:13

I joined the boots one last time and aswell as the changing bag I got some great little coupons for free bubble bath and hair conditioner, not just poxy little sample ones either they were great big bottles of it! Ive already joined the boots one again and am eagerly awaiting my freebie coupons!!

Bounty is pants.
When my niece was born 13 years ago the bounty pack my sister received was excellent, it was a box not a bag and you got good substantial sized samples, guess they had to downsize...

Gengenie Mon 06-Jul-09 22:36:29

The Bounty bags I received for my two children were very useful. With my last one I got two different bags, one containing large samples of conditioner and washing powder with various bits and pieces. When the Bounty lady asked me personal details I had the option to say no to any mailings, and so far I haven't received anything extra. Children are expensive to run - any freebies gratefully accepted.

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