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Which mattress??

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Pinkshoes86 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:50:33

Hi all

Baby's due end of September & I'm starting to look at mattress options. I need a cot/bed mattress 400 to fit the cot we've got on order, but being this is our first baby we have absolutely no idea what mattress to go with?!?!

We've looked in mama's & papa's, babies r us mothercare & on-line but really have no idea which is best, the only advice I can find on-line is that natural fibres are best/one with a washable cover & a sprung mattress will give better support.

Obviously we know it has to be brand new, but I keep finding myself drawn to the more expensive ones thinking they'll be best!

Any advice would be grately appreciated smile

blondissimo Wed 24-Jun-09 16:33:27

Hi I have no idea if cheaper mattresses are just as good, but we figured if we were going to spend money on anything it would be the mattress.

We got the Mamas and Papas pocket sprung one for the cot bed (the most expensive one they do I think grin!)

We just thought that as he will be sleeping on that mattress until he's about 4 we wanted to give his back the best support. No idea if it will though!

In my opinion it seems very good - no real way of knowing though is there!

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