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Stocking up on baby clothes - how many items are REALLY needed?

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AliBean Tue 23-Jun-09 14:34:27

I am trying to get organised for my baby and am doing baby clothes this week - can anyone with experience tell me how many of the following I need:

long sleeve vests
short sleeve vests

reusable nappies

and any other useful items that I need in multiples...

I am planning on using washable nappies so will have the washing machine going once a day at least - can clothes and nappies go in the same wash if naps have been soaked and rinsed? Am using little lambs with disposable liners if this makes a difference...

Many thanks in advance

mistlethrush Tue 23-Jun-09 14:49:14

I did a nappy wash every other day - and yes, added other things to it - but didn't soak - just did a pre-rinse of the nappies and added a cleanser in the wash. If you're using washables from the beginning (you're brave - didn't start until 8 wks!) - I would allow 10 - 12 per day plus drying time

My ds was born in April - we used short-sleved vests, sleepsuits - probably had 6 of each to start with - then a cardi to go over if necessary. If you're using washables from the start you might need an extra one or two until you've sorted the 'fit' of the nappies out!

BTW, my son never went into nb size, and only had a month in 1-3 - so don't get lots of small sizes - you can always send someone to get some more, and someone is also bound to bring you clothes as a present.

Good luck!

alana39 Tue 23-Jun-09 14:53:54

When are you due, Ali? You will probably need short sleeve vests rather than long sleeve if we really are going to have a good summer.

I think I had 10 short sleeve vests and 10 sleepsuits - you can make do with less but I didn't want to have to wash everything everyday, and it will depend on whether your baby brings things back up or nappies leak (one of mine did, one didn't). My late spring baby in 2003 spent the summer days in just a vest, hot nights too and cooler nights in sleepsuit. We hardly used the sleeping bag for July and August that year.

Muslins - get a couple of packs of 6. Indispensible for mopping up anything that comes up, and covering your shoulder when winding / exposed parts when breastfeeding if you're doing that / creating shade when needed over car seat / pushchair and possibly for the baby to hold onto as comforter (my youngest sucked his for 3 1/2 years, horrible habit!).

I'm sure other people will be along to add to this soon.

AliBean Tue 23-Jun-09 15:05:06

Alana - Baby is due on 9th September so Indian Summer is a possibility I guess! Thanks for reminding me about the muslins - they had fallen off the list!

Mistlethrush - I am going to get one pack of newborn disposables for the first poos then move into the least that is the plan!!
So if I want to wash once every two days I will need 20-24 naps? Ok...I have a starter pack of 10 but will get some more.

I have just been to count what I have already (good old ebaby bundles!)

There is:
5x newborn sleep suits
9x 0-3 month sleep suits

9x newborn shortsleeve vests
8x 0-3 month shortsleeve vests
4x longsleeve vests in 3-6 month size

3x socks
3x booties
3x scratch mitts
1x woolen mitts
3 x hats
1 cardigan
2x coats
1x trousers with feet
2x longsleeve t'shirts

What else do I need!!

ninedragons Tue 23-Jun-09 15:14:28

You may need a snow suit in case winter comes early. One with a hood is better than one with a separate hat.

I got one that has a thick layer of cable-knitted cotton on the outside and a cotton plush on the inside. It's fantastically warm and easy to wash but unfortunately I cut the tag out so I can't tell you who made it.

If you decide to buy more vests, buy one or two sizes up - they're very stretchy horizontally, so even a size one will still fit snugly around a 6m baby's chest, but it'll be lovely and long and go right over the nappy rather than leave a gaping slice of lower back exposed.

AliBean Tue 23-Jun-09 15:23:26

Thanks ninedragons - I was planning on getting the grobag with travel feature (so it goes in the carseat etc) - do I need a snowsuit as well?

mistlethrush Tue 23-Jun-09 15:30:44

Ali - for washing every 2 days, if you have a tumbledryer - yes - aim for about 24, if you're line drying - no, you need 3 days worth (to allow one day for drying (ie you put 2 days worth in the wash, you've still got one day's worth to use....)

notcitrus Tue 23-Jun-09 15:34:20

My baby was born mid-Sept - I acquired a mountain of stuff but this is what I used:

about 10 babygros 0-3 months, and used a few 3-6 months when they were all in the wash. Actually A's 'coming home' outfit was a 6-9 month babygro. With very masculine pink flowers - after 3 days in hospital he'd worn all the others!

about 10 vests 0-3 months, plus 3-6 ditto
2 woolly hats
1 jacket
1 hooded snowsuit
3 swaddling blankets (bits of fleece material)
Few bits of old sheet to act as muslins.

A wore top and trousers twice in his first 3 months, when I was feeling a bit scruffy next to the impeccably-dressed other local babies... then I became confident enough that he looked gorgeous anyway in a babygro!

Nappies - used cloth from day 3 but some disposables when brain-dead at night. Had 4 Smartnappies and a few terries and lots of Bumgenius pads. From 4 weeks Bumbles were great (have about 20). Didn't use liners until started solids at 6 months.

Hope that helps!

TheProvincialLady Tue 23-Jun-09 15:36:04

I have a snow suit 3-6m completely unworn that you can have FFP if you like. It has Tigger on it I think.

AliBean Wed 24-Jun-09 15:05:49

Thanks to you all for your advice.

TheProvincialLady - thank you for the offer, I will see what we get as pressies and get in touch later if thats ok with you?

Thanks everyone! grin

Kingsroadie Wed 24-Jun-09 15:40:12

This is really far in advance for me but as this conversation is currently going on I thought I'd ask. Is it actually worth getting newborn vests and sleepsuits? They usually come in packs of 5/6 and just wondering if it's worth it as will the baby (as long as it isn't tiny tiny) just fit into the 0-3 months?

TheProvincialLady Wed 24-Jun-09 20:13:20

No problem AliBean.

Kingsroadie I do think they are worthwhile as you never know what size baby you will get, and a 6lber will look very swamped in a 0-3m babygrow. Obviously don't spend any real money on them.

TinyPawz Wed 24-Jun-09 21:58:42

lots and lots of breast pad things....I went through absolutely mountains of them

mistlethrush Thu 25-Jun-09 08:59:59

Mine never went in newborn at all! Mind you, he was 10lbs 5oz a week early... hmm

You can get washable breastpads - I found them much more comfortable than the disposable ones.

alana39 Thu 25-Jun-09 09:32:00

and if you do want some disposable breast pads get the ones that are large and flat, rather than small and thick. Can't remember the brand, might have been Tommee Tippee but you'd see by comparing pictures on boxes. They seemed to absorb more without bulking up.

shoesies Thu 25-Jun-09 10:24:57

I was sent this really helpful list by a friend who said she found it useful through both of her pregnancies. Have copied and pasted below so apologies for the big post!

*Baby clothes*

5 X sleep suits (with feet)

5 X long sleeved body suits (legless)

5 X babygro (long arms/legs/without feet)

5X vests

3 X socks (Gap ones stay on)

Scratch mittens (or better - sleepsuits with sleeves that fold over hands)

2 X hats (one cotton, one woolly)

All in one/Snow suit - if winter

2 X 2.5 tog Grobag

1 X 1 tog Grobag

Velcro bibs (depends if dribbler!)



Nappy sacks

Baby wipes

Ear thermometer (digital much easier to use)

Grooming kit (baby nail scissors etc)

Teething rings for fridge (cool gums)

Zinc and caster oil cream or Sudacreme

Cotton wool balls (better than wipes when first born)

Baby sponge

Sponge bath mat (great for plonking baby on in big bath – no need to buy a separate baby bath)

5 X Muslin squares (for mopping up multiple spillages!)

Soft towels/baby robe



Car seat

Travel cot?

Cosy toes/Fleece blanket for buggy

Baby sling/carrier

Changing mat

Big bag to hold changing stuff


Breast pump (electric) /Sterilizer/ Bottles/ Slow flow teats – if you want to try expressing

Breast feeding ‘V’ cushion

*For Nursery*

Moses basket/crib (+ stand?)

3 X Moses basket sheets

Cot/Cot bed & mattress

3 X Cot sheets

Cellular cot blanket

Cot mobile

Black out blinds

Baby monitor

Baskets/boxes/chest for toys (you’ll be given loads!)

Night light or dimmer switch

Room thermometer (free with some Grobags)

Baby bouncer chair

*For Mummy*

Disposable breast pads (loads!)

3 X Nursing bra’s (in bigger sizes than you expect!)

Front opening pyjama’s/tops for easy boob access

Maternity sanny pads (loads!)

Disposable knickers (horrible, but easy!)

Verity79 Thu 25-Jun-09 14:01:39

I know the conventional advice is not to buy newborn sized DDs were 7lb 12oz and 7lb 6oz so not tiny by any accounts.

DD1 only out grow her 'up to 7 1/2lb' wrap vests by length not by width at around 3 months, DD2 wore prem tights until 4 months as her legs were so slim ordinary tights swamped her. We had mainly George and Tesco vest/sleepsuits and they were massive width wise and not very long.

Actually I had to reuse DD1s 0-3 summer clothes between 12-15 months as she still fitted into them! So maybe they aren't the best example grin.

However all babies grow at different rates even at the same starting point. It really won't hurt to get some newborn sized clothes (don't forget thats up to 10lbs!) on Ebay you can always put them back on afterwards!

Kingsroadie Thu 25-Jun-09 14:21:26

Thanks for all the advice everyone! I had planned to get 1 pack of 5 newborn sleepsuits and same for vests so that all sounds about right. Didn't realise newborn is up to 10lbs and hoping not to have a 10lb baby! Thanks also for list of everything - extremely helpful...

mistlethrush Thu 25-Jun-09 14:22:15

Verity - ds was in 3-6 mo at 1mo!!!! Whilst he's been fairly 'average' sized recently, I am currently wondering why I bought any aged 4 clothes as I think he'd have been fine in aged 5 ones...

AliBean Fri 26-Jun-09 09:13:48

Thanks again everyone for helpful advice - especially Shoesies for the list!

Have printed it out and gone through to mark off what I have so I know what I need.

Am off to start a new thread about best place to get all the Mummy follow me if you can advise!

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