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Three chemical pregnancies - what to do next?

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messylittlemonkey Tue 23-Jun-09 14:09:57


I'm currently experiencing my third CP in the past 12 months. We have ben ttc on and off during this time and have no problems conceiving, but each time I start to get pg symptoms (already have a DD so know what it feels like to be pg) and get a faint positive HPT, then I start with brown spotting on or before the day my period is due. This then gradually turns into heavier bleeding and is then like a heavy, painful period with clots.

I've made an appt with my gp next week so hopefully will get some preliminary tests. It just seems strange that I get to the same point each time before the bleeding.

On this current occasion, my AF was due over the weekend, but I knew days before that I had conceived as I was feeling nauseous, had tender boobs and bleeding gums (this was my first sign with my DD!). the spotting started on Saturday afternoon, turned to a light red flow by Sunday and then the cramps kicked in yesterday and the full loss began.

We conceived our DD very easily on the first month of trying, so this is very frustrating!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom!


ihavenosecrets Tue 23-Jun-09 14:14:14

This happens to me most months, I hadn't considered that I might be pregnant.

I have very low progesterone and have read that this linked to early miscarriages and spotting is a symptom. Can you ask your GP to check your progesterone levels?

We conceived our first child very quickly too so I can appreciate your anxiety.

messylittlemonkey Tue 23-Jun-09 14:23:19

Hi there

Yes, low progesterone is a problem as it's needed to prevent your period starting. I'm not an expert but have read up a fair bit on it!

As you say, you could easily not know you're pregnant. I only knew the first time because spotting wasn't normal for me and when I did the HPT is was +. Second time I had really sore boobs for days and then an early, heavy period. This time, as I said, the nausea was a sign.

Hopefully progesterone levels will be one of the things they check at my appt next week. Have you been told to take any progesterone therapy to help you to conceive?


ihavenosecrets Tue 23-Jun-09 14:27:40

No. I saw a fertility nurse who dismissed my concerns, I will be due to see a doctor after I have a few more blood tests.

I hope your GP can provide you with some answers. {smile]

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