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johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 20:24:44

Hello, good evening, and welcome. Our ovaries are tired and withered but we've still managed it despite what the Daily Mail says!

Come on in for a gossip, cake, parenting tips and the nonstop drivel interesting chat.

Newbies welcome :-)

Tee2072 Mon 22-Jun-09 20:34:53

great thread jw

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 20:52:24

Thanks tee grin

Think this is about the 10th new thread. At least! Cor, you can't keep an old dog down. wink

mrsboogie Mon 22-Jun-09 20:57:04


tee I remember that tiredness well - I never burst into tears but I did feel like I was totally spaced out for weeks. On planet Zog, I was hmm .

I'm glad I didn't know then that I would still be doing night feeds nine months later hmm

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 21:00:15

Stating the bleeding obvious.

iris66 Mon 22-Jun-09 21:00:40

Knew you'd come up trumps jw wink (and my groin is fine thanks - it was just a ligament/nerve twang I think)
Just bookmarking as I can't even keep my eyes open to welcome DD home sad so taking my swollen ankles to bed (and hoping it's not another 3am start hmm)
night night all x

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 21:03:05

That tiredness of a new baby is like you've just been wiped out completely. It seems relentless but it's not forever (mrsb I know you're shaking your head as you're reading this!).

Funnily enough I felt as shitty and tired on this one at 42 as I did when I had my others in my 20's. So that's ok then wink

jeanjeannie Mon 22-Jun-09 21:14:05

Evening all - gosh it's been non-stop today and cheers for new thread jw - that's tee's fault the last one went so quickly!!!!

tee awww, tears of exhaustion - you have officially joined us on the dark side wink

Heron I find both my girls suddenly got very shouty and clingy around the 6mth mark when it came to going to bed....had a few nights of having to cuddle them to sleep but after a few weeks it all stopped.

iris night night - you sound wacked. enjoy having your DD home smile

Well - HUGE happenings order since I last spoke to you
1) A place at the really sought after pre-school has come up for Sept shock We thought it was early BUT they have a special language teacher available....and I'm meeting with her friday grin

2) Got a place at the other local nursery - also with special language teacher attached!!!

3) Got funded place in Sept to go on language (Hanen) course to help Iris

4) DP apprehended a thief in our garden (chased him barefoot) and found all our expensive wood in a garden 10 doors down - waiting to be made into a shed shock The thief, his mum and his mates all returned it to us, shame-faced and DP sounding scarier than a copper on heat grin

How much more can you get into a day? Phew - bed me thinks!!!

Neddie Mon 22-Jun-09 21:23:11

Hi everyone
Busy weekend with DP so not much posting. I have just left my 16 year old daughter to go to her prom. I did the make-up and hair and DX sent a text saying well done she looks gorgeous! I'm glad bridges are being built finally between us. She is coming with me on Wednesday to my 28 week scan.
I was in Morrisons today and the lady on the checkout said I looked neat for twins and when I told her how old I was she looked surprised and asked if I'd had IVF. I told her no it was one of God's little miracles (I didn't go into the gory details of my tilted back pelvis/high cervix- which is the reason I can get pregnant by merely hanging my pants next DP 's). She told me I was so lucky because it was hard at our age- she was 44 and lost a baby recently. She asked me to bring them in and show her when they were born.
For the rest of the day I have thought how lucky I am in so many ways. Even if I am swollen and can hardly move, it is a gift that many will not get to experience. I will try to remember this when I'm knee deep in poo and vomit (and of course this is prom night where excess may lead to at least one of these things, but luckily not in my house grin).

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 21:32:10

OMG JJ it's all go in your house. Fabulous news that Iris has all those places to pick from! At last things are moving in your direction. grin

neddie we can often lose sight of the lovely details that we are indeed blessed and lucky. It gets lost in all the crappy day-to-day things. It's great that you are getting on with your DD. Teenage girls are funny creatures smile

JJ meant to say well done to your OH for apprehending the thieving twats neighbours. I hope he hit him with one of the planks of wood. I take it you did ring the police??

hedgepig Mon 22-Jun-09 21:59:47

cripes, I just thought I had got to the end of the thread and there was a New One!!!

I had a lovely weekend, the school fete, 2 sets of friends over for food splendid all round. Ans a litle cycle on DHs bike whihc is much lighter than me and I got to the top of the hill that has been my challenge for a few weeks, hurrah.

JJ well done on the pre-school/nursery options how great after so much heart ache over schooling you have been having over the past few months.

Tee ((((hugs))))) all your hormones are everywhere my dear, have a blab and an early night it will help. It is splendid your mom is over to help, mine is coming on Weds (I must buy some food).

I'm stating the sweepstake for the appearance of Ermintrudes LO. I am placing money on Weds (my birthday and a splendid day to be born on in my humble opinion) grin.

Hi Camgems welcome pull up a chair and have a slice of cake. I have 2 DSs one 5 and one 8 months.

ermintrude13 Mon 22-Jun-09 22:10:55

Ta for new thread JW*.

Weds would be fine because I've a MW visit schedule, to include a gruesome supermarket cervical sweep, so I'd love LO to make an appearance before then.

I am so very tired again, will catch up properly tomorrow. night all

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 22:14:12

hedgepig ah there you are smile Glad you're back in the saddle!

Ok, now I'm getting a complex. I was reading the Times from Saturday and I found this article. I do believe JJ that your Prof Nicolaides calls us over 35 mothers an 'epidemic'. Anyway, at least I've not yet been mistaken for K's granny....yet hmm

johnworf Mon 22-Jun-09 22:18:00

There's something in the air with all the tiredness around. Hope you have a good one ermintrude. I'm sure the cervical sweep will be Is the sweep stake based on this????hmm

I'm putting my money in the hat for Friday. My b'day is 2 weeks away and I wouldn't wish that wait on you ermintrude.

Hands up who is still awake????

mrsboogie Mon 22-Jun-09 22:31:26

I'm still up!!

I'll plump for Thursday then. Have a good sleep erm

Oh an epidemic eh? so we are too old to be fertile but there's too many of us having babies? how does that one work? hmmm?

mrsboogie Mon 22-Jun-09 22:32:35

oh and fab news on the educational front jj

tracedw Mon 22-Jun-09 23:37:21

HI ,would like to drop in for a chat(new to all this so forgive me if it doesnt flow)
I`ve just had DS3 at the prime old age of 46.
DS3 is 3m and bonny as Prince Charlie. I saw Prof Nicolides for a CVS,a genius with a needle.I thought i was the oldest pregnant woman in the world,but i must have been one of the youngest in his waiting room. I would def recommend his clinic in London for extra tests in early preg,the best place in the country.Sorry if i have interupted your thread,just wanted to drop in( 1st time ever).Cheers

Tee2072 Tue 23-Jun-09 03:27:56

Hi tracedw and welcome to the thread! You'll fit right in here!

So Adam, the 'rotten child' grin would not got to sleep for daddy. The minute I scooped him up? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

And now I'm wide awake at 3am. So much for my night off...

At least I got about 5 hours before his fussing led to me picking him up.

Forgot to say, first Health Visit today. She's dead on, really like her. All of Adam's measurements are 50%tile or just above, so he's an average kid! And we finally know he is 53cms long!

My goodness JJ what a day! I do hope you called the police on those neighbours, even if they did return the stuff.

mrsb if I am still doing this in 9 months...I'm sending the kid back. grin

erm we've started the baby watch with my SIL who was due yesterday. I think if my FIL calls her one more time? There will be murder. Hope you are getting some sleep. And maybe a baby? smile

camgems welcome! I have a brand new baby boy, my first. He's 11 days old. And a wee dote. Not that I'm biased or anything. Oh and I was 40 in February. Makes me a youngster around here. grin

Neddie Tue 23-Jun-09 08:17:12

Hello camgems and tracedw*.
that article is just another trying to make women have babies younger to save the NHS bill. On my my antenatal thread the topics of conversation have been; constant morning sickness ( I have had none really), tiredness (none up until now but I am officially the size of a house), aches, pains and piles etc (which I haven't got either but will probably succumb to later). My point is that I have had quite a few of the problems encountered when I had a baby in my 20's but haven't at nearly 42 having 2. What are these complications that older mother's suffer or am I like Benjamin Button and will have my next at 50 without noticing it? I think it is just general fitness not your age....grrrr.
Ps. pass the hair dye.....

tracedw Tue 23-Jun-09 08:35:37

Hi,are there lots of mums to newborns here?
My DS3 is 3m ang growing fast.Any mums using wahable nappies? I love my cloth.
Is everyone still on sleepless nights? my 3m sleeps in our bed(bad mum) and when he wants to feed just helps himself practically.
I know this is not to the book,but after a 3rd C/S i could`nt face getting up and down all night. Anyway our bed is superkingsize and my dh does not cross the invisible line.
Tee - is your newborn your 1st boy or 1st child?

Tee2072 Tue 23-Jun-09 08:44:53

Hi trace

He's my first child. And my first son. grin

I've got a newborn, neddie is due soon (sorry neddie total baby brain and can't remember how far along you are!), erm is due any second and iris is due in a couple of weeks. So there will be 5 of us with newborns soon! Did I miss anyone?

We, eventually, had an excellent night, with Adam going down from 2 - 3:30 and then 4 until nearly 8. Daddy technically had the night shift, but mummy had insomnia so she took over!

iris66 Tue 23-Jun-09 09:25:06

morning all smile

I DD is home grin and I slept until 7.30 (whoopee!!) grin feel more knackered than I did when I was waking at 3 but at least I'm getting more sleep at last (well, for a few days until LO turns up anyway) so lovely to have DD home smile

Tee - I'm in denial about having a couple of weeks to go! days please, DAYS!!!!!wink

welcome tracedw smile I'm a washables user (normally) but things have slipped to disposables of late (19mth DS2/DC3) though I hope to get back into the swing when LO comes - logistics of adding to the current mountains of washing/drying notwithstanding!

Neddie - I'd forgotten you had an older DD too (sorry) Mine found my +pg test for DS1 on the day of her prom blush and I've always felt guilty it marred her evening as she was so shock. Hope she had a fab time smile - Did you step back and shock over how grown up she looked as I did? [mistyeyed days gone past emoticon]
I've been really lucky on the lack of pg problems too even with 3 in 4 years I've avoided all but the GD! Like you said, level of health/fitness/genes has more bearing than age smile

jw - DH was asked "is that your granddaughter" at a party we took DS1 to when DS2 was about 6wks shock DH: "no, this is my son!" not impressed but very funny in retrospect.

jj - that's fantastic news about Iris' preschool/nursery/course shock talk about waiting for busses eh! smile and what a day you had!
Unbelieveable about the wood! - and so close to home too. Talk about shi**ing on your own doorstep too - that's really bad sad Pleased you got it back though (no doubt the shed'll be well fortified by now! wink)

hedgepig - good to see you back after your busy few dayssmile The training's obviously going well?

welcome Camgems smile - the thread goes so quickly but jump in whenever smile

Right, best be off - music for the boys today and I'm starting my remedies for childbirth in earnest wink

ermintrude - hope you have a relaxing day today smile

ermintrude13 Tue 23-Jun-09 09:39:14

Welcome Camgems - I'm expecting my 3rd ANY DAY NOW angry (due 17th June) and have a DD 11 and a DS 6 so not quite your age gap but it still feels like a lot. I think of it as built-in babysitting smile. And hello to Traced too!

DH did his conjugal duty last night, though he did say he felt he was 'covering' me rather than making sweet leeurve. In fact we could have done with a hand from you Neddie, there was something of the stables about it all grin.

Tee aw, baby Adam wanted his mummy and nobody else would do. Treasure that thought as you pace up and down the same room for an hour at bedtime every night. It's good he's making demands. Really it is wink.

JJ shock at your thieving neighbours! How awful, and how embarrassing it's going to be every time you pass their house. What complete sh*ts. But how fab of DH to give chase! Brilliant news about the schooling though, about time you got some promising news.

Iris lol @ the granddaughter remark. I have a friend who moved from Hull to Wheathampstead when she was 35. At the Berks primary her kids went to there were lots of 'IVF mums' who were a decade older, so she regularly got mistaken for her own DC's au pair - which made a nice change, since in Humberside she'd frequently be referred to as their grandma grin. It's all relative..

So hot and sunny today. I hope Andy Murray's match is exciting enough to make me bounce up and down on my gymball with labour-inducing enthusiasm grin

johnworf Tue 23-Jun-09 10:02:03

traced I use washables. Currently using Motherease BTP with either Airflow wraps or Imse Vimse organic cotton/bumpy, Bum Genius 3 AIO, or Imse Vimse organic BTP with the above same wraps. smile I've used a few different ones along the way too (think I've prolly tried them all out!). JJ also uses them too so there's a couple of us on here smile

ermintrude, I've just had a freak out moment in your honour shock What if....brace yourself......iris had her LO before you???! shock

iris I wouldn't get too upset about being called grandad. Like ermintrude says, it's relative. Take DSS's mother for example. She was a real grandmother at the age of 34 and where she lives, that's the norm. So when I get pregnant at 41, she pipes up in court that I'm too old to be a mum. Well, in her world, that's probably true smile I should be at least a great grandmother by now wink

tee if you want A to go to your DH then this is my top tip for the day; give him one of your tops that you've already worn and is ready for washing. It'll be full of your smell which is probably what A is going for. Put it over his shoulder or wherever is most convenient for LO to smell it smile

JJ hope that your neighbours were taken to the local square and flogged with gusto.

EstherOnions Tue 23-Jun-09 10:09:46

Hello all,

Pregnant AGAIN at 41 (after stillbirth in 2007 and three miscarriages since). Funnily enough, found out I was pregnant just two days after finally conceding we were going need some help and booking an initial IVF appointment. Already have an 11-year-old but desperately want to have a family with my new(ish) husband. My only concern is that I have no morning sickness, which has always been the case for me before a miscarriage. Still, all I can do now is wait and see what happens,and share with you good ladies too, as I'm sure you know more than anyone what I'm going through.


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