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Funny pains

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Nekabu Mon 22-Jun-09 16:03:56

38 weeks and twingy lower back pains (sort of spasmy), sort of pelvis and upwards but not as high as waist and sort of period pain cramps low in pelvis area. Is this the baby doing something bizarre or is it engaging or something?

reikizen Mon 22-Jun-09 16:25:45

Is this your first baby? Sounds like 'fixing pains' where baby gets nice and snug in pelvis ready to make an entrance! Or it could be that your body is making changes necessary to go into labour, as you are now 'term' there would be no problem with that. If you feel unwell or have problems with urination it may be a water infection. As long as baby moving and you are well (no bleeding, temperature etc) I wouldn't worry and would suggest it is normal discomfort of late pregnancy. smile Usual disclaimers apply though, speak to midwife if worried!

Nekabu Mon 22-Jun-09 16:32:12

It's my first and my pelvis does feel a bit heavy and the baby's doing a lot of wriggling, so maybe that's it. Thanks! The spasmy back pain has only come a few times so hopefully that'll stop once the baby is wherever it is wanting to be.

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