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Paranoid is not the word - just need to get this off my chest ;o)

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Bump02 Mon 22-Jun-09 14:46:01

Hi ladies (and possible gents)

I am 14 weeks pg today and I found out when I was apprx 4 weeks, so I already feel like I've been pregnant forever (It's strange as I found out I was expecting ds at 12 weeks) so this time feels so much longer plus I look 6+ months already!!

I have been feeling all the normal symptoms, feeling sick and yucky, very very tired, and this weekend I have had a long aching pain in my abdomen. I phoned my midwife as I had the smallest, and I mean the smallest watery blood show on sat night, have had nothing since, but the achy pain is still lingering (whether it's because I am tense it's still aching I don't know) Midwife said rest and if there is anymore blood to call GP or hospital.

So I have been resting here all day, turning slowly mad. Is this aching normal? Is it my womb just stretching? Probably yes to both those answers, but i am very paranoid and thought this may be the best place to talk about it.

Thanks for reading this and good luck everyone


pasturesnew Mon 22-Jun-09 14:50:15

Not surprised you are worried, of course you want everything to be OK. I am pg with no. 2 atm and have to say the ligament pain really took me by surprise, it hurts a lot so hoping it could be this for you? Have you been lifting anything heavy or running for a bus or anything like that? Hope you are OK. I would go to see the dr or the early pregnancy / emergency gynaecology unit at the hospital tomorrow morning if you still feel worried, to put your mind at rest. Tuesday mornings are usually quieter.

JoseyM Mon 22-Jun-09 18:40:48


I had some bleeding after sex at 10 weeks and really panicked because i had these horrible pulling pains all accross my lower stomach and up the sides. My midwife booked me in for an early scan. I was so shaken up (this is my first pg) and really cried.

My sister in law came over who has miscarried and she said that when she miscarried there was a lot of blood and real intense pain. She really put my mind at ease because i just bled for a little while and the pains in my stomache weren't unbearable.

I had the scan and everything was fine, i was told the pains were normal and am now 12 weeks.

I know it is hard and you always think the worst when it comes to bleeding but it is actually quite common to have minor bleeding in your pregnancy. So long as you have had it checked out i am sure it is fine. If the midwife was really worried i am sure she would have told you to come in. Take it easy and try not to beat yourself up!! xx

alana39 Mon 22-Jun-09 20:42:17

Bump, the aching sounds very normal - but you may not have had it in your first pg as each time is different. I had some spotting from 12 weeks to 15 weeks, and was told unless it increased or was accompanied by pain, rather than just dull aching, it was probably just a small bleed that had already taken place e.g. vessel at edge of placenta bleeding when deeper implantation was going on. Anyway as others have said it is probably nothing, but it's always worth mentioning to midwife even if (as I found) they may not do anything except tell you what to look out for. Have you already had a scan, or do you live in an area where there's only the 20 weeks scan? Even if you can't get one, in a couple of weeks the midwife will be able to listen to heartbeat with a doppler - I know that will feel like ages to wait, but at least it's something to look forward to.

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