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Eight months pregnant and womb sometimes feels much 'heavier' than other times...

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McSnail Mon 22-Jun-09 13:56:18

Hi - as title says I'm eight months in (first pregnancy)

Sometimes, my womb feels super heavy, and really quite uncomfortable. At other times (like right now) it feels fine. Of course there's a large bump, but it doesn't feel physically tense or heavy - I just feel large!

I have no idea if I've had Braxton Hicks - does this 'heaviness' sound like BH to anyone who's experienced them? It's not how I imagine contractions to feel at all.

slushy06 Mon 22-Jun-09 16:27:27

I know what you mean it sometimes feels like my bump is gonna pop. Don't know if its bh but when my waters broke on ds it felt like this only alot more intense.

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