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bump feeling tight for the last couple of days

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mrswee Sun 21-Jun-09 22:55:03

Hi again

I seem to be starting a lot of threads recently! sorry!

I was just wondering if it is normal for your abdomen to feel tight all over around this time - I'm almost 26 weeks and getting quite big.
I had a bit of belly ache last night, like I have had earlier in my pregnancy and my whole belly just feels quite tight like it's getting stretched, like I've stuffed myself with a massive meal! it's a constant feeling not coming and going.
I've been a stressed recently over some family stuff that is out of my hands but upsetting. My tight belly started on friday and I was at the doctors that afternoon for something else but asked because of the stress, to have the baby's heartbeat checked and my blood pressure checked all was fine.

WowOoo Mon 22-Jun-09 08:20:37

I think there's just less space in there now and your babe is growing nicely.

might be braxton hicks practice tightenings too.

Wouldn't worry. I'm 35 wks and worrying I'll go early as having loads of practice contractions. So, take some deep breaths with me and relax!!

mrswee Mon 22-Jun-09 09:23:53

thanks, I'm just concerned that the stress is affecting my pregnancy as all this started happening at the same time.
Could it be round ligament pain again at this time? I have round ligament type aches low down.
I know everything is growing fast again from about now!

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