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Figure back after #2?

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Momdeguerre Sun 21-Jun-09 09:17:21

I admit it - I am vain!! I have been very lucky to get my figure back after my first DS last year - I am 5ft 11 and usually a size 8/10. I put on 3 stone last time but exercised and ate well throughout my pg and had a lovely healthy 9lbs 1 boy.

I got back in the gym 6 weeks later and, having been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks, everything else has pretty much gone back to where it was before. The skin on my tummy is slightly looser but you can't really tell and my boobs are softer and a little smaller but again - nothing a good bra does not fix!

We are ttc #2, and can't wait, we love being parents but I must admit that a tiny but very vain bit of me worries that this time I won't be so lucky - I know every pg is different but I wanted to know from mummies of more than one whether the second pg did more damage physically than the first or can I expect this one to be similar in its impact to my first?

doulalc Sun 21-Jun-09 14:51:42

As you said, it will be very different for each woman. I was fortunate in that there was little difference...did not have much trouble getting back into pretty good shape after each of the first three. By the time I had the fourth it was a bit more work and I think partly just due to age as well. I'm working on toning up more now, years later....but my only excuse is laziness! I can't really put the blame on having had four kids...

Since you aren't pregnant yet, work at being in the best shape you can be before you even conceive, then continue with regular exercise throughout your pregnancy and of course eating well. That is all you can do. Sometimes weight gain, and possibility of stretch marks, you can't control...some women do everything "right" but still find it difficult. Part genetics, part body type, part lifestyle.

With two to run around after, it may just help you get back into shape without much trouble...

Momdeguerre Sun 21-Jun-09 16:27:17

Thanks for your experience - noone knows we are TTC again but I have several friends who keep telling me that although I have been lucky once I will be buggered after having another - nice to hear that you have managed to have 4 and still kept your shape.

I don't expect to look like a celeb afterwards - just like me! I run most days and go to the gym and, like last time, will keep going till about 6 months or so when I had to admit defeat and swapped to swimming!

Hoping that if we are lucky enough to fall pg again that I manage to get back in shape again.

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