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Are the doctors wrong?

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Cajonera Sat 20-Jun-09 14:07:32

I recently came off my pill and had my normal bleed. I then took a couple of pills over the next week then stopped, as we had decided to try to conceive. I had what I thought was a 5 day withdrawal bleed (longer than usual). 3 1/2 weeks later I took two early pregnancy tests and they were both positive. Because of the bleed, the doctor sent me for an early scan. They couldn't see anything except what they thought was a little placenta, and irregular lining and the doc said the 5 day bleed was probably a miscarriage. They took blood, but my hCG was 131 and my progesterone 100. I desparately want there to be a viable pregnancy next week when they scan again. What chance do I have?

doulalc Sat 20-Jun-09 19:34:28

It's too early to tell. At the stage they did the scan they may have been able to determine that the lining of the uterus was thicker than normal, but that may be about all they might have seen at that stage (it can vary a bit from person to person). Your hcg and progesterone could be fine, but they both need to be compared with another reading to see what kind of changes, if any, may have occured. That will give them a better idea, along with another scan, as to whether you have a pregnancy that is progressing or if you may have indeed had an early miscarriage.

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