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dawnlb Sat 20-Jun-09 01:33:08

hi everyone, im so cheesed off with my gp..
i have been on citalopram for a year now after having my son. i was on 40mg they reduced me to 20mg for 2 wks then 10mg for 2 wks then told me to just stop....oh my god i have never been so ill in my life, i thought i was dying so i went back to my gp.
he said they dont cause those sort of side effects but to just get back on 10mg again daily and then go to 5mg after 2 wks.
...anyway, i asked him about citalopram in pregnancy as i would love another baby now and he said its not adviseable, fair enough i thought, but he then followed with.... " dawn u must ask yourself this, if you need this sort of medication, do u really think it would be sensible to have another child while your mind is still this way? " !!!!!!
i could have knocked him out! i mean i wasnt feeling stressed or panicky like before...just bloody ill!
has anyone had any success from withdrawal cause im seeing alot of similar stories with no actual success of getting off the bloody stuff. xx

lljkk Sat 20-Jun-09 12:12:22

I guess it's your GP's job to ask the question, but a bit late / closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, isn't it?

this thread came up without a title, so you might have to try starting it again with a title.

SPANIEL Thu 25-Jun-09 15:21:32

I am still suffering from post natal depression and my daughter is nearly 4 and i am 17 weeks pregnant. Part of the reason i still have it is that the health visitors and doctors were rubbish at spotting i had post natal depression and it wasn't diagnosed for 18 months. I then had to wait over 6 months to see a counsellor and in the mean time was stuck on anti depressants-not sure if they were the same ones you were on which the counsellor told me to stop taking as they were making me worse. My counsellor is supportive of my pregnancy as she agrees it is a sign that i am looking towards the future and i certainly know what not to do this time. I still have ups and downs and have to confess to having felt pretty crap this morning but am confident that i will be able to spot the signs before i fall into a big black hole next time. Whatever you decide to do you need to fight to see a counsellor with who you can discuss what is best for you including whether you should have another baby and if and when you should come off the antidepressants

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