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Twin Insurance?

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RoseBlossoms Fri 19-Jun-09 21:54:21

hmmm this pregnancy feels different, i feel more tired, hungry and grumpy than i did with last one. Plus i'm sure i didnt get sicky feelings (been sick 3 days running now)this early last time. I was only sick 3 times thoughout whole pregnancy. Or is it that i just cannot remember properly?

My PFB (lol) is sleeping though the night so its not a lack of sleep! No history of twins on either side.

should i bother?

poorbuthappy Fri 19-Jun-09 21:57:07

Completely up to you...remember that id twins do not have family history, its a complete freak of nature. And its only the maternal history which counts on non id twins, do you know who you will approach for insurance?

I will had taken insurance because I knew I was having twins about 5 days after doing the test. I even went on facebook saying I thought I was having twins..and lo and behold I was!

RoseBlossoms Fri 19-Jun-09 22:16:46

hmmm this is the thing i can just feel it my dp is saying "dont be stupid"! According to cb digital my hormone levels went up quickly. 1-2 weeks to 3+ in 5 days.
How did you know? I'm 7/8 weeks now so i'll have to get a move on.

I've found this

which company did you go with?

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