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6weeks 1day.. pains just above the pelvic region..

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twoplusone Fri 19-Jun-09 21:32:13

I feel stupid asking this question as this is baby number 4 but i cannot remember getting them with anyof the other pregnancies. I have had thepains since just before i found out, but they dont seem to beeaasing, they also spread into my lower back. I did question with the midwife last friday and she said it is ligaments stretching.and or implantation pains.. But if it got anyworse or I had bleeding to go for a scan.

I have had no bleeding or spotting, but the pains are still there sometimes worse than others.. in experience should i get this checked or is it normal.. I really dont want to make a fuss over nothing..

Also since 5 days before i found out I was pg I have had the shakes.. in my hands on and off!!! IS this relevant to anything..
MS well nausea no vomiting is nigh on constant too.. which I havent had before either.. Any advice is welcome even if it is telling me to stop being paranoid.....

Thank you xx

kitkatqueen Fri 19-Jun-09 21:42:58

I have had similar sounding pains at the begining with all 4 pregnancies, once the baby had moved further up it did ease each time once the baby had moved upwards more

As for the shakey hands, this can sometimes be a sign of blood pressure irregularities or blood sugar drops / peaks.

What was your blood pressure reading at your last appt?

For morning sickness, have you tried using sea bands? You can buy them from chemists, they push on a pressure point in your wrist and limit sickness, v good for morning sickness. Have you been taking folic acid? if so has the nausia worsened since then? About 50% of women are estimated to be sensitive to synthetic folic acid, causing nausia. You do need folic acid, but if you get a multivitamin by Solgar called "prenatal nutrients" it contains only natural sourced vitamins and folic acid - doesn't cause sickness.

Hope some of that helps.

kitkatqueen Fri 19-Jun-09 21:44:04

sorry bad spelling tonite

twoplusone Fri 19-Jun-09 21:48:41

Thank you ..I am taking folic acid but had ms before I was taking it.. Will see if i can geet some bands we live in Germany.. will have alook round and see what I can find. blood pressure hasnt been taken I will see if i can get in with the docs or nurse on monday as just before xmas I did have an episode of high bp.. but nothing since then. Could well be blood sugars too as not eating properly at the mo.. bad I know I think I need to make an appointment and talk to the nurse or mw and see what they have to say..
Thank you again x

kitkatqueen Fri 19-Jun-09 22:10:46

When you get pregnant your blood pressure normally drops, If you are used to yours being a bit high then that could make you feel pretty rough. Best to get it checked like u say, and lets face it none of us eat properly with morning sickness. Good luck

twoplusone Sat 20-Jun-09 08:30:13

thank you x

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