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Cramps in early pregnancy- very anxious

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RubyF Fri 19-Jun-09 15:09:10


I experienced cramps last night for the first time since becomming preg for the 2nd time. My first preg ended with a MMC in Dec so I m feeling really anxious. I have booked in for a scan tomorrow at the EPU but terrified to go. I have read many articles that say cramps are normal. But due to what happened with the MC I think I am stressing out. I m about 8 wks and there is no bleeding.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

thisisyesterday Fri 19-Jun-09 15:15:08

yeah i had a lot of weird cramps and pains in the early weeks of being pg with all 3 of mine.
it is normal, but i expect nothing much will put your mind at rest until you have your scan. it's only natural that you're worried. I miscarried before my first successful pregnancy and was absurdly worried for a long time that it was going to happen again.

i hope the scan goes well. you'll probably be able to see a little blob and a little flicker which is the heartbeat.

M78 Fri 19-Jun-09 16:26:14

With my first pregnancy I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was 8 wks as I used to have an irregular period and I remember clearly having really strong period pain for nearly 10 days until I took a pregnancy test and I found out I was pregnant! The pain I had was exactly the same I used to get with my period. I am now 26wks pregnant and I had period like pains up to 12 wks, I am sure there is nothing to worry about unless you have any bleeding.

MrsHappy Fri 19-Jun-09 17:17:33

I think cramps are normal. In this pregnancy I would wake up very early in the morning at around 8 weeks with tummy cramps. Once I had been to the loo they subsided, but every morning I would go to the loo expecting to see blood.

It is absolutely normal to feel the way that you do after a loss, but hopefully the scan tomorrow will put your mind at rest.

Liskey Fri 19-Jun-09 18:09:30

Hi Ruby

I could have almost written your post - I'be worrying the last couple of days about cramps and I'm 10 weeks along tomorrow and I also had a mmc - last August - so I know how worried you must be.

I've got a 12 week scan booked 8 July but really wish I'd spoken to the midwife about booking an earlier one.

Good luck for tomorrow.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 19-Jun-09 18:26:02

I had cramps about 7 weeks with DC1 and the m/w said I would probably lose the baby and would have to go to the hospital for a D&C. I told her i felt much worse then. angry

He is now 8 and I know now it was everything stretching as it was my first pg. I hope that is the same for you and all goes fine.

Sorry about your previous loss.

GuernseyFrench Fri 19-Jun-09 18:51:51

I'm 7 weeks and suffer from cramps mostly at the end of the working week (Fridays) but if I lie down and have a rest they decrease! Odd.
Good luck with your scan

RubyF Fri 19-Jun-09 19:30:47

Thanks for the support everyone. I ll try ot let you know what happens tomorrow. x

grace09 Fri 19-Jun-09 19:34:51

At 5 weeks I had severe cramps to the point where i was doubled over at times. Also had some bleeding. Having had two previous mc i was convinced i was losing this one. The cramps continued till about 8 weeks but the bleeding subsided after a few days. Anyhow i am now 17 weeks so cramps and/or bleeding are not always bad news but worth checking out and getting a scan if possible. Good luck with your scan!

RubyF Sat 20-Jun-09 15:18:33

All went well with the scan so feeling better but exhausted and drained. Thanks forn the good wishes.

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