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oh no I cannot believe it.... it can't be surely....

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paddingtonbear1 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:17:06

I had run out of pills before hols a few weeks back, nowhere near chemist, dh and I got carried away just once. At my age (41) I didn't think it would happen from just once, (yeah!! stupid or what). dh wants another baby but I never did, we have 1 dd who we both adore. anyway my period is due but has not appeared yet, have period like pains, just done first response and I have 2 red lines one faint but deffo visible. has anyone else had this then had their period anyway? haven't told dh as he at work.
sorry if this is in wrong topic, my dd is 6 and I didn't think I could face it all again. yes I know I have been stupid, argh. I have never made a mistake before!!

Ewe Fri 19-Jun-09 13:18:52

With my (now 15 months) DD I have a very faint line, it probably means you are just quite early in the pregnancy, I was only 5 weeks.

Is it do-able, despite being unplanned?

Gromit78 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:21:43

It's not a mistake paddington bear, if mother nature wants you to have a baby then no amount of contraceptives will stop her, or lack of contraceptives either.

Just wait and see, but I am sure you won't regret it if you are pregnant, just takes a bit of getting used to if it hasn't been planned.

All the best

littlelamb Fri 19-Jun-09 13:23:27

Well that's an interesting approach to contraception Gromit78

paddingtonbear1 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:27:04

thanks guys, I am in shock, it was definitely not planned! it must be only 2 and a half weeks since we 'did it', I know exactly when as we had abstained apart from that as I wasn't taking the pill. Can it really show this early? are these things ever wrong? <hopes>
financially it will be hard, we both work and I can't afford to give up - the nursery fees nearly crippled us last time and our mortgage was lower then!! If it's true I will go through with it, no question, we will have to make it work.

mumsiebumsie Fri 19-Jun-09 13:28:10

littlelamb my thoughts exactly!

Ewe Fri 19-Jun-09 13:28:33

A false positive is not very common... so, congratulations!

That is an crazy interesting approach to contraception indeed Gromit.

belgo Fri 19-Jun-09 13:30:17

Yes it's possible for a test to show positive two and a half weeks after the deed. That would make you about four and a half weeks pregnant.

If the second line showed up within the time limit and is visible without squinting, holding it up to the light, taking the test apart etc, then I would think it's a positive.

I would probably make an appointment with the GP to get it confirmed.

And a tentative congratulations, like you say, it may be hard, but if you want to make it work , then it will work out.

ShowOfHands Fri 19-Jun-09 13:32:13

Yes, very early tests can start to pick up hcg after about 8 days. Most tests can pick it up after 14 days.

Congratulations. A false positive test is very rare indeed.

It must be a shock for you. I have one dd too and am not planning any more. Like you say, you will make it work.

paddingtonbear1 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:43:01

belgo yes the lines appeared within 3 mins, and I can see them clearly - one is faint but definitely there. dh just rang, I told him. He is pleased, I am trying to be!!

minouminou Fri 19-Jun-09 14:09:06

Give yourself a bit of time and don't force yourself to feel any way just's come as a bit of a shock, so take it easy and talk to your nearest and dearest......and us on here if you need to.

paddingtonbear1 Fri 19-Jun-09 17:55:40

dh has come home with a bunch of roses, he is very sweet, I am trying to forget about it and carry on as normal! have in-laws coming tonight argh...

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