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trapped nerve at 39 wks what can be done?

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Uspy Thu 18-Jun-09 18:04:35

Hi, I had hip pain the last week or so but I now think it is related to a trapped nerve. I am 39 wks tomorrow is there anything anyone can do at this stage? Hubby giving massage in the area but it usually makes the baby move a lot so not sure if this couldn't be bad for baby? Any thoughts

justlookatthatbooty Thu 18-Jun-09 18:38:19

is it sciatica? i.e does it travel across side/top of buttock or down leg?

Be careful not to do any deep tissue massage of the pelvis or hips at this stage as things are so soft.

If you can see a Cranio Sacral osteo I would highly recommend it.

Good luck.

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