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internal exam at 36+ weeks could it have started something?

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lydiathetattooedlady Thu 18-Jun-09 17:04:38

in brief...have been in hospital past few days with irregular contractions, yesterday they were coming every 5 mins, midwife asked if it was ok to do an internal examination to see if anything was happening.
my cervix had started to open (though only a little) and she said she was able to touch babies head and palpate it. anyway have since been sent home as contractions have near enough stopped. im still having irregular ones but not enough to keep me in, my q is ive started losing small jelly bits like my plug, could her examnination have loosened it early?

Gillyan Thu 18-Jun-09 18:38:38

I think it may of done you know, especially as your cervix was open. Last time I was in the woman next to me was being examined and I heard the MW saying she could feel the head and palpate it etc, the woman was about 3cm at the time and was in established labour so maybe you not got long!!!! How exciting! Or maybe it has just dislodged something and it'll all go off again.

It's alomost a pain inthe arse when it all stops again isn't it? I just kept wishing things would carry on although I am glad they didn't as I was only 34 wks.

Keep us updated hun x

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