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chezie Thu 12-May-05 15:40:21

I am 6 wks pg with my 3rd child. During my last 2 pregnancys I had really bad cravings for coca cola. During my 1st pg I didnt realise it was a craving and drank it all the time. I could easily get through 2 to 3 ltrs a day. During my second pregnancy I stopped drinking coke 6 wks before the birth but ended up drinking the same amount of Lemonade (2 to 3 ltrs a day). This time I am trying to avoid ALL fizzy drinks. Has anyone else had this problem /craving. And is caffiene bad for the baby?

nailpolish Thu 12-May-05 15:41:57

what about caffeine free coke?

PiccadillyCircus Thu 12-May-05 15:44:05

I am pregnant. And I drink coke. The fully caffenated sort . I read that you'd need to drink 8 cans a day for it to affect the baby and as I don't drink tea or coffee and don't eat a vast amount of chocolate that my one or two cans a day are OK.

Sometimes it is the urge for fizzyness that I have and Fizzy water will do. But coke is nicer .

expatinscotland Thu 12-May-05 15:46:53

I enjoy the occassional orange Lucozade.

MINNIE1 Thu 12-May-05 15:47:30

have a look

Just did a serch and found this hope it helps, i hav'ent read through the whole lot yet.

nailpolish Thu 12-May-05 15:48:03

fizzy flavoured water?

jessicasmummy Thu 12-May-05 15:48:09

im with you on that expat - i love orange lucozade at the moment!

MINNIE1 Thu 12-May-05 15:48:10

hold on i'll get it

MINNIE1 Thu 12-May-05 15:49:07

copy and paste the link wont work cause the pg brain is on!!

dyzzidi Thu 12-May-05 16:29:57

Oh I'm glad I cam still drink my Dr pepper. I drink two/three cans a day so am still ok.

chezie Thu 12-May-05 18:38:26

Thanks Minnie1 I am going to keep off it. I dont seem to be able to just have 1 or 2 cans of coke, once I start drinking it I can't stop!

chezie Thu 12-May-05 18:40:12

If I started drinking any oyher fizzy drink I would have the same problem eventually

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