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39+ weeks and still not engaged

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wisterialane Thu 18-Jun-09 11:47:29

Sorry - this might be long....

I know that with second pregnancies the baby may not engage until later, but I am starting to fret about this lo.

In the last four weeks, baby has flipped from breach to cephalic presentation about 5 times; and every hcp I see comments on my 'abundant fluid levels' (though apparently within normal range; just high side of normal).

Any experiences of this? I'm really concerned about going into labour and cord prolapse. They just tell me to get to hospital pronto if labour starts to check baby position. But I am about 20 mins from hospital - surely if the worst does happen it will be too late? Also getting worried about fluid levels.. didn't have this with dd.

So, wise m'netters - should I start to insist on more regular monitoring? Was last seen by mw last week (38+3), and won't be seen again until next week (40+3). I don't want to make a big fuss unecessarily as my self awareness is high enough to know that I am a profound worrier and probably making a big deal out of nothing! So any reassurances very welcome

notevenamousie Thu 18-Jun-09 11:51:59

So this is baby number 2 and you don't "just" have a high head but an unstable lie at term (has all the flipping been after 37 weeks?).

Depends on the obstetrician - the ultra-conservative (small c) will admitt you until it stabilises and others will just let you be. And you know what? Outcomes are the same, regardless of what you do. Of course, the one thing that has never been measured is how it feels to be on the receiving end of this.

You should be being seen weekly at this stage, that's all I will say, and head in ASAP if waters break (contractions less of a worry).

wisterialane Thu 18-Jun-09 12:04:16

Yep, baby no 2. The flipping has been since 36 weeks - confirmed by both midwife and scans at hospital because every time baby moves my movements change so I get concerned about low fetal movement. Plus, when baby moves, it bloody hurts!

To be fair, they have been very good at reactive care - i.e. when I think something has changed, they will get me on the monitor/scan and check it out asap. But I just feel that all the onus is on me, which for a born worrier, isn't good!

I think baby has moved again this morning, (baby's head wedged in ribs again!) so have made appointment to go in and see midwife this afternoon as it just so happens her clinic runs on a Thursday pm. Hopefully I'm wrong, and baby is still head down. <fed up>

notevenamousie Thu 18-Jun-09 12:07:57

It's so hard to know what to worry properly about though! Ask her about plans for unstable lie at term - use those words. And for exactly what happens if waters break and you don't know which was round head is. And do your best to trust her if the answers seem reasoable to you.

wisterialane Thu 18-Jun-09 12:16:24

Thank you noteven. Appreciate the advice.

bettyjack Thu 18-Jun-09 12:29:55

My little one did not engage until on the morning of labour. So maybe your little bub is not ready yet and having a last good swim before he locks himself in to place.

You never know you may have a future olympian in there! lol

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