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Anyone else VERY overweight and pregnant like me?

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spook14 Thu 12-May-05 14:26:16

I'm pregnant with number 2. I have always been very overweight but prior to getting pregnant with my first I lost about 3 1/2 stone, getting down to around 15 stone. I put most of it back on with the pregnancy, lost it while breastfeeding and gradually its crept back on. I probably weigh around 19 stone now.
Is anyone else out there in a similar situation - will I need extra tests or monitoring? With DD1 I had to have glucose intolerance test, they were checking for gestational diabetes.
I fully intend to eat really healthily - I suppose with DD1 I thought its ok to put on a couple of stone because by losing the weight I'd 'made room'! But dont think my body could handle putting on a lot more weight at the moment.
Would be grateful to hear others experiences

natts Thu 12-May-05 14:30:12

no i'm not pregnant but i was 17st with my first and 18.5 with second, i didn't get treated any diferently. I felt every extra pound with my second though. just eat senscibly as poss, you'll be fine i'm sure

Yorkiegirl Thu 12-May-05 14:44:17

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Thu 12-May-05 14:49:46

I was 20 stone when I had my dd, and the only extra tests I had were the GTT ones (I did develop GD, but it was easily controlled by diet). I didn't actually put on any more weight while I was pregnant, either. Apart from one midwife who made a few rather rude comments, I didn't have any negative reactions from any of the other medical staff I saw. Try and eat healthily, and don't be too concerned about not putting on too much weight - your baby will get all of its nutritional needs met before you, so cutting down on your intake won't hurt at all.

dabihp Sat 28-May-05 16:06:22

how did u find delivery being overweight?

BEKsmum Sun 29-May-05 10:57:53

Spook14 I don't think yuo'll be treated any differently other than they may watch your blood pressure a bit closer.

I was 17st when i had ds and I'm now pregnant again and due in November and I started this pregnancy at 20st 10lb. My dr isn't the friendliest and just said that the extra weight can cause extra complications but that was about all.

I have found that my blood pressure is rather high but then again I think that's probably caused by my three year old rather than anything else.

Enjoy your pregnancy and just eat sensibly if you can and try not to worry, any issues will probably arise near the end of the pregnancy anyway for example they thought I was developing pre-eclampsia and induced my son three weeks early but as I was seen fairly regularly it was picked up and no harm came to either of us.

When is your baby due?

emily05 Sun 29-May-05 12:17:56

Are you me spook??? I have been thinking a lot about baby number two. I am currently 19 stone and trying to loose weight (I have lost a stone).
When I had my first I was 15 stone and like you had the gtt and was monitored. I had complications due to my pregnancy - but no more than my pregnant friend who is slim.
Ideally ofcourse before having a second pregancy I would like to loose weight.

A good website here

will follow this thread with interest. Good luck with your pregnancy x

spook14 Tue 31-May-05 08:41:16

Thanks everyone for your reassuring comments. I'm now about ten weeks and started spotting on Saturday night (very dark brown)I've been to see my GP but cant get an appointment for a scan till Thursday morning. So I feel kind of in limbo, not knowing if everything is ok.
I feel though if everything is ok on Thursday I'm going to spend the rest of my pregnancy blaming every wee thing on my weight!!

Nemo1977 Tue 31-May-05 09:14:19

spook i was around 19stone when having ds and had no probs with labour or any bad comments. This time i am about 20stone and am 11wks pg. So far so good, no comments from anyone and am sure everything will be fine again.,

emily05 Tue 31-May-05 09:15:26

sorry to hear that - It could mean nothing. My sil had spotting and the pregancy was ok. Let us know how the scan goes and that everythig is ok. x

emily05 Wed 01-Jun-05 20:37:47

spook - Just wanted to let you know thinking of you. Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Let us know how it goes

champs Thu 02-Jun-05 01:50:20

hiya adding my weight to the issue lol. am very overweight and pg. was treated badly in first pg but was lighter than in second and this one. was told i needed gtt instead of normnal one which i find a liad of hype. if i had the first one and then it showed a prob then fine give me gtt!! also told that i'd need to get another gtt soon but will not take it unless i show sugar in urine. didn't have any probs with sugar last time. had protein which initself isn't due to weight.

emily05 Thu 02-Jun-05 09:28:45

champs - agree about the gtt being a load of hype. They said that I had gestantional (sp??) diabeties when I was pregnant. Scared the life out of me and my family as they didnt explain what it was! Then sent me away with a bloodsuger monitoring kit.

Ever time I measured my blood sugers they were fine. No matter what I ate. And then when I gave birth they did nothing different than if I didnt have gestational Diabeties! Mad no difference to my pregancy or birth at all! So I agree about it being a load of hype! Rant over

georginars Thu 02-Jun-05 09:43:48

Good luck for today Spook
I must have been around 15 stone at the start of my pregnancy (DD was born in December) and have no idea what I was at the end/am now because far too frightened to weigh myself (lots though)! Had one negative comment from midwife at booking in and one at end from doctor after I'd had one incidence of high BP (he was a git though) but no extra monitoring, just the glucose test (negative). And they left me alone during, no weighing thank goodness. THey did give me a couple of growth scans - still not sure why - but failed to pick up DD being big so it was pointless anyway! Labour was 8 hours (induced), DD was 9lbs14, only gas and air and I was out within 12 hours so I don't think my ability to labour was at all impaired and I coped with it much better than lots of my thinner friends.

champs Thu 02-Jun-05 15:30:18

emily05 -- hate going as feel a lecture will come,probably why I haven't been fighting to see them!!

georginars -- they check for growth because they say if you're big you may (will according to some of them) get GD, then baby may be very big. I had normal and quite small babies 7:5 and 6:10 so there you go. third time round I dont let them frighten me.

spook14 -- how did it go? how are you? KWYM re: blaming everything on your weight, I was like that too!! this time round I am more relaxed although much more anxious about the birth.

spook14 Thu 02-Jun-05 19:56:57

I had my scan today and I thought that by having it I'd know if everything was ok or not. BUT..... by my dates I'm 10 weeks but the woman doing the scan said she could only see what appeared to be a fluid filled sac measuring what they would expect to see at 5 weeks. We then got ushered into this wee room (nice curtains, comfy sofas)so I'm expecting them to come tell us I dont have a viable pregnancy and take it from there.
We then got taken to see the consultant who wants to wait another week and scan again. Apparently my uterus lining is thick and looks good, she went over all my dates (which I wasn't 100% about anyway, asked about cycle length (its usually long and unpredictable - I was diagnosed PCOS prior to getting pregnant with DD1). She wasn't ready to write me off yet!
But I'm not getting my hopes up, I'm still bleeding and though being only 5 weeks is not impossible, it's highly unlikely and would need everything to be happening at the very end of the scale.
This bleeding may just be implantation bleeding - if so, its definitely burrowing itself in for the long haul!
I will keep you posted!

emily05 Thu 02-Jun-05 20:00:47

ahh spook - it is the blooming waiting that gets you isnt it?! I have got all my bits crossed for you(as has my dh and ds!) and I pray that it is ok. please do keep us posted!

champs Fri 03-Jun-05 11:46:14

hope it goes well spook14.

spook14 Thu 09-Jun-05 18:59:56

SO had my second scan today.
There is still a pregnancy sac, but it has only grown from 10 mm to 12 mm in the last week, where they would be expecting at least 1mm per day. Also there is no sign of anything developing whatsoever inside.
So after seeing the sonographer I had to see the nurse. I was expecting to be told about next steps (D & C etc). But she said that despite her instincts and experience telling her that I am having an early misscarriage the policy is hat if it has grown at all they must wait ANOTHER WEEK to scan again, in case it is a 'stuttering pregnancy'. Have you ever heard of that?
I know within myself that its not going to develop into a baby but have to wait another week at least before I can move on.
My hope is that nature takes its course before next week, I'm still bleeding every day.
Sorry its not a happy ending!

spacecadet Fri 10-Jun-05 15:29:59

oh no poor you, how agonising to have to wait another week.

ChaCha Mon 13-Jun-05 11:29:58

Spook - have just read this thread for the first time and just wanted to wish you all the best. I hope everything is okay and am thinking of you. Please let us know how you are.
A concerned MNetter x

emily05 Mon 13-Jun-05 11:39:30

I am so sorry. I was really hoping for good news. I hope that you are ok mate and that the week goes really quickly. x thinking of you xx

firstbabyandnervous Fri 17-Jun-05 10:36:17

OMG! Ive only just read this thread.Spook im sorry your going through all this.Have you had another scan yet?

spook14 Fri 17-Jun-05 20:20:11

Went back this morning for another scan but I knew what the results would be. My uterus was clean as a whistle! I would have been surprised if there had been anything there judging by the amount I have been bleeding. Sorry if I sould flippant, it's just my way of dealing with it all. I was actually ok about it till I saw the nurse afterwards and she was so concerned and helpful that i started crying - she gave me a miscarriage leaflet and there was a poem on the back something like 'A child is a child no matter how small' and that set me off too, I didn't finish reading it.
I have been offered a 'reassurance scan' for if and when I get pregnant again, I've just to call the nurse direct and she will arrange a scan for me at 6-8 weeks. Thats good to know.
So that's the end of this thread for me, for now anyway. Way back when I started it I said if anything went wrong it would be geeting blamed on the weight and it is. Diet books and gym tomorrow!
Thank you all for your support over the last few weeks. Hope next time we talk its under better circumstances.

emily05 Fri 17-Jun-05 20:34:11

I really dont know what to say. I have been going to back to this thread reguarly to see if you have updated. really feel for you and hope that you are going to be ok. Cant advise as have never been through this. just sending you support and hugs. I have just started slimmingworld so know what you are saying about the weight thing! NOt quite confident (or rich) enough for the gym!
hope you are ok xx

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