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16wks, low lying placenta, brown blood loss, and!

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1istrulyscrumptious Wed 17-Jun-09 22:42:31

Hi all I need halp as going a bit crazy.. I bled a week ago, and now again this week. old brown blood only which i here is a poitive thing hmm I had a scan and this showed my low lying placenta and blood loss in the amnio. should i carry on working? should i continue nookie? should i panic!!!!

ilovechoclate Wed 17-Jun-09 23:06:55

Poor you, sounds like your having a really worrying time. I would think no nookie unless midwife/doc tells you other wise.

With one of my pregnacies i had alot of bleeding caused by placenta being partially seperated, not low lying so don't know too much about advising you. But i was told no sex until after baby was born, i would deff get an appointment with your consultant to discuss it fully.

Hope that things settle for you soon.take care.

forevermore Wed 17-Jun-09 23:11:31

i would deffo see consultant and get a scan, and in meantime put myself on bed rest whenever possible till things calm down and no sex/orgasms or internal exams. hope things settle down.

1istrulyscrumptious Wed 17-Jun-09 23:12:12

Thankyou ..
I have an appt with consultant on wed, was thinking of sustaining from man and work till then!

ilovechoclate Wed 17-Jun-09 23:22:55

Sounds good! rest up until next wednesday and let your man look after you.grin

Have you had any pain? or just bleeding?

I know why u feel hmm when told brown blood is good, i was told the same and i thought well that doesnt stop me flipping worrying! but it really is good that blood isnt red.

Hope all goes well with your appointment.

1istrulyscrumptious Fri 19-Jun-09 09:56:21

Have had cramping pain but think it might be psychological... have taken today off and am going to rest for a few

the mans got exams so cant rely on him till tommorow.

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