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PGP/SPD in second pregnancy any advice

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clutter Tue 16-Jun-09 16:47:08

Hello! I was just wondering how anyone managed with SPD second time round. My dd is a very active (which ones aren't - i know) 22 month old. I have had PGP/SPD since week 24 I am now 32 weeks and in agony. I am on 8 Paracetamol a day and Dihydrocodeine 5 times a day have had physio and am off to see a consultant next week. I think the next stage is crutches but does that leave me housebound? Did anyone else cope with tot and SPD? I already feel rubbish about how little we go out and rely on OH to take her out at weekend but if i go on crutches i can't push the buggy or anything (it is agony to do but at least i feel i am being an ok mum, am only making it out twice a week to her little classes that she loves and are really close ie. bottom of the street).

I'm feeling a little close to the edge at the moment and can't believe i have 8 weeks to go (it is getting worse) and would REALLY appreciate some advice! Thank you ;0)
Clutter x

mogwai Tue 16-Jun-09 17:20:23

the only reeal advice I can give you is to try an osteopath. There are already lots of threads on here about this so won't reinvent the wheel - go to advanced search and look for them.

I really sympathise with you - I'm a fellow SPD sufferer but osteopathy definitely helped. It cost abut £45 for my first visit and about £28 for subsequent visits. I know it's expensive but it's very worth it.

clutter Wed 17-Jun-09 11:36:35

Thank you, I was kind of looking for reassurance on what to do with the tot. Should probably have put this posting on the toddler bit, am not thinking very staight at the moment, sorry.

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