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Pls sign to STOP Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace!

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abcmum Tue 16-Jun-09 06:29:39 pregnancyprotect/

Nekabu Tue 16-Jun-09 07:00:05

I am entitled to take a job without telling anyone I am pg. I am entitled to not tell my job I am pg for quite some time and can accept job moves/promotions without needing to say anything. I am entitled to time off for pg related appointments. I am entitled to time off for pg related illness. I am entitled to a H&S check and to not do parts of my job that are picked up as possibly being risky during pregnancy. I am entitled to up to a year off maternity leave and my job must be kept open for me. I am entitled to get pg during my maternity leave, go back to do the minimum amount of work required to kick start the next lot of maternity leave and then go off for up to another year again. I am entitled to take the maternity leave/pay and then decide I don't want to return to work after all (though if my company pays over the statutory amount I may find there's a condition saying some needs to be paid back). I am entitled to work part time. I am entitled to flexible hours.

I don't feel all that discriminated against TBH.

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