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Is farting a sympton

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Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:36:17

Cos I seem to be doing a lot of it! I really don't fart that much usually but the last few weeks, blimey! And I got trapped wind yesterday, mixed with the naseau, uggghhhh, not nice.

Anyone else? (I'm about 7 weeks ish btw)

Mine smell of roses btw, so it's fine

motherinferior Wed 11-May-05 21:37:23

Don't think so, mate, but I do hope it stops soon. Roses notwithstanding, obviously.

piffle Wed 11-May-05 21:38:05

Well then my dh must be having triplets

AngelCakeUmm Wed 11-May-05 21:38:09

Oh Thomcat so glad you started this as i have the same probs and i am only 4 weeks.

God help dp

But then of course mine smell of roses too

dinny Wed 11-May-05 21:38:48

reckon so, Thomcat. definitely!

AngelCakeUmm Wed 11-May-05 21:38:49

piffle pmsl

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:39:03

Oh, I am so hoping someone tells me it is a sympton, they have to mean it though!

LOL Piffle

moondog Wed 11-May-05 21:39:05

Can't imagine such a feminine looking girl letting rip....
As Chuck Berry said,goes to show you never can tell....

motherinferior Wed 11-May-05 21:39:31

Hope she doesn't ring the chapel bell, though

moondog Wed 11-May-05 21:39:55

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:39:56

Oh Angelcake, really, I'm so, so pleased!!!!!

Anyone else?

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:40:48

I could make them play a tune at the moment, PMSL!

moondog Wed 11-May-05 21:42:09

There's a French bloke who does that already tc.
Le Petomane. Maybe you coulld be his assistant?

AngelCakeUmm Wed 11-May-05 21:42:11

How bizzare so maybe this is not a sympton and i really do have problems too

gingerbear Wed 11-May-05 21:43:50

My best friend at uni - her great grandfather used to be a music hall turn - he farted in time to music for Queen Victoria.

I think we have stumbled upon Thommcat's musical talent here.

Mum2girls Wed 11-May-05 21:43:55

Yep - I used to let rip at a furious rate when I was pregnant.

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:47:54

That's 3 of us, I need to know of more so I can stop feeling bad about it!!!!!!!

moondog Wed 11-May-05 21:49:48

Ahh gingerbear,so we had homegrown talent too!

MrsWednesday Wed 11-May-05 21:53:13

Me too! I was terrible in the first few weeks, stopped in the middle and now I'm 35 weeks it's come back again. It's a good job I've finished work, I was struggling to hold them in.

Sorry, you probably didn't want to know that. Can't fart tunes either.

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 21:54:42

I can't really fart tunes, L&LOL! I might try though!

SO pleased I'm not on my own in this!

vickiyumyum Wed 11-May-05 21:56:16

it can be a side effect of pregnancy as everything at that end slows down a bit thats why you can get constipation as well. oh the joys of pregnancy

gingerbear Wed 11-May-05 21:59:57

C'mon TC give us the 1812 Overture.......

Thomcat Wed 11-May-05 22:00:37

PMSL, wouldn't that be great!

ionesmum Wed 11-May-05 22:29:49

Yes, most definitely!

joash Wed 11-May-05 22:33:09

Nope - otherwise I'd be divorced...DH had the 'snip' many years ago. Come to think of it thats roughly when I started farting freely - SO ITS HIS FAULT

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