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What to wear in this hot weather?? HELP !!

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loganberry12 Mon 15-Jun-09 19:24:26

Im 7 months pregnant and dont know what to wear when its so hot like it was this weekend just gone. Maternity dresses seem too frumpy and i dont want to spend too much on maternity clothes now at 7 months, Iv put on 2 1/2 stone already so dont want too much flesh on show either. any suggestions??

helips Mon 15-Jun-09 19:49:22

What about leggings (that finish below knee, not ankle) and a floaty top or long no sleeve top (something that covers bottom and camels hoof!!) and flip flops? Think that is what I'll be wearing all summer!!

MamaG Mon 15-Jun-09 19:51:10

I had some linen mix trews from New Look when I was pg last year

They were a Godsend and only about £15

ErikaMaye Mon 15-Jun-09 20:04:47

Cheesecloth tops with leggings... I have both in multiple colours. And a couple of cheap bikini tops. Sorted

Also - think the mothercare sale is national, and they have some brilliant maternity three quarter lengths and roll ups which are both a God-send.

blondissimo Mon 15-Jun-09 20:46:59

Try H+M Mama range - I got about 4 vest tops that were really cheap, and I got some stretch skirts that were knee length. Sounds really minging, but it was actually a nice combination and the only thing I wore for the last weeks of pregnancy in mid July.
Just thinking of it makes me all hot.......

Minshu Mon 15-Jun-09 21:23:55

Peacocks have crop trousers / knee length linen-mix shorts for £12-ish.

There are some nice cotton wrap dresses in markets and hippy shops - not maternity, so you need to try to check how they hang (we're all different shapes pregnant or not and some work for me, while others don't). Could be worth a try - I bought one that had a fair amount of "give" before I was pregnant in a sale last autumn and can see myself wearing it more this summer than if I hadn't got lucky...

scratchet Tue 16-Jun-09 09:10:35

A HUGE kaftan with a bikini under (only when i in the garden though!) Linen pants are a godsend or a floaty summer dress, I love the maxi dress style. x

pippa251 Tue 16-Jun-09 09:17:34

I got just below knee leggings maternity from new look and a few of the large floaty non maternity tops from there they have done me well for the the past month I am 36 + 2 and I know they should be quite comfy for after the baby is born too

princessmel Tue 16-Jun-09 10:51:00

I am wearing maternity denim mini and a stretchy red and white stripy vest from H+M Mama range today. With white flip flips.

I also have some maternity denim shorts which are fab as they roll up and can be longer or shorter.

I have some cropped trousers too and tons of different tops that were leant to me from a friend.

Floaty empire line dresses look nice too.
I am loving being pregnant at the moment!

It deffo helps having more of a choice of outfits. With ds I had hardly anything and it was miserable. It was in winter too, when I was biggest and I felt so drab.

dannyg Tue 16-Jun-09 11:01:45

Hia ive got 4 weeks left now & am finding this heat uncomfortable but have survived this preg mainly in leggings and nice long lenth tops, i swear by primark at the mo cheap leggings and nice floaty vest tops in various colours and nice sandles or some gladiators(only £4). When im at home anything nice n cool. I bought some lovely white linen trousers from H&M at the begining but tbh they are tight and uncomfortable and a waste of money. Id definatly recomend primark even for underwear as its so cheap, most of the things you buy you wont wear again next year anyway so well worth it grin, (god i should be a sales person lol). Hope this helps Dannyg 30,ds1 12yrs ds2 2yrs due dd 14th July x x

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 11:21:01

I've got 6 weeks left, have a huge bump, but tis all bump thankfully. I'm wearing normal vests in a bigger size and the odd maternity vest with either white or black linen wide leg pants. The pants are non maternity and 1 size bigger as they sit nicely under the bump, £8 Primarni- bargain!

For trendier occasions, I am wearing leggings with either gold or black gladiators and various loose tops or dresses- non of which are maternity either. Primark is great for floaty but 'on trend' tops in up to size 18.

I am living in this with a black vest underneath, black legggings, black gladiators, big chunky bracelets and big chunky dresses. I'm getting lots of compliments and its really flattering.

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 11:21:50

Re my link above, mine is purple not pink.

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