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Fab treatment of pregnant lady at Oasis gig!

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webwoman05 Wed 11-May-05 16:43:28

My Dh and I managed to get tickets to see Oasis at the Astoria last night! I am 29 weeks pregnant so obviously have a fairly pronounced bump by now. My dh was a bit concerned about me being possibly pushed around at the gig so he asked one of the security guys where was the safest place for me to stand and the guy sent us upstairs to the VIP area! We had a seat and a table and most importantly a fab view of the band! It was a cracking gig - they played a real mixture of old and new stuff and we had a great time! Baby slept through the whole thing but everytime the new single Lyla comes on the radio today he does a little flip!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the security guys at the Astoria - you made an aging, pregnant rock chick very happy!

It's really nice to be treated so well when sometimes I don't even get offered a seat on the bus when I take my son to nursery in the morning!

Mud Wed 11-May-05 16:44:27

good on them

so sorry you had to sit through an oasis gig though

dawnie1 Wed 11-May-05 16:49:50

That is good to hear ! Its very rare that you get friendly security guards at places like that.

I would suggest you send a thank you e-mail to the management of the Astoria informing them that this happened but depending on which jobsworth might read it and decide that the security guard should be sacked for allowing a non VIP into the VIP section its probably better to just leave it.

Rochwen Wed 11-May-05 17:14:37

..but pregnant women are VIP's !

vickiyumyum Wed 11-May-05 17:45:17

hey lucky you, never thought of that, although with my post childbirth stomach could probably got away with being 39 weeks!!!!. i just had to stand with the other plebs!

Aero Wed 11-May-05 17:49:25

lol mud! I'm not a fan either, but glad they treated you well ww05.

Nat777 Wed 11-May-05 18:07:23

I am a fan, but havent seen them since 96 when they played at Knebworth. I heard the gig was excellent last night, so I am very jealous!

I wanted to go and see my favourite boxer fight again in June but I will be 30 weeks then and the DP wouldnt let me! So have had to settle for watching on TV, mind you boxing is different to a gig so can understand DP's point of view.

Glad you had a good night!

mogwai Wed 11-May-05 21:01:11

I'm gonna be rocking to U2 at 39 weeks pregnant. This is one Achtung Baby

tweetyfish Wed 11-May-05 21:23:11

I had similar treatment at a Rammstein gig. It is quite heavy metal and I was sure I'd stick out like a sore thumb at 7.5months pregnant. However, DP asked if I could sit in the wheelchair access bit and was seated, with DP and about 30 other pregnant women (I have to say that we were told if a wheel chair user turned up we'd have to move, but as this was half way through the gig it was unlikely) - Most of whom much more pregnant than me! I had an excellent view of all the pyrotechnics they used - which our friends in the audience saw nothing of! Best gig I ever saw!

Mogwai, if you go into labour at the gig, will you call the baby Bono? you could get to meet the band

mogwai Thu 12-May-05 08:26:21

sweetheart, if I go into labour at the gig, I'm not shifting until I meet him!

He's aleays been my hero, this could be my chance!

Then again...I wouldn't exactly be looking my best..........

mogwai Thu 12-May-05 08:26:21

sweetheart, if I go into labour at the gig, I'm not shifting until I meet him!

He's aleays been my hero, this could be my chance!

Then again...I wouldn't exactly be looking my best..........

bambino1 Thu 12-May-05 12:55:23

Will you call otur baby lyla now because of the concert?

suzywong Thu 12-May-05 12:56:46

that's a great story! Makes me very cheery

webwoman05 Thu 12-May-05 17:14:20

Nat777 - shame about not seeing your fave boxer fighting! Talking about boxing have you been watching The Contender with Sly Stallone? I love it. I'm completely addicted. We first started watching it in the States earlier in the year and was pleased that they started showing it here too!

Tweetyfish - nice to hear that you had good treatment at your gig too!

Mogwai - May possibly be at one of the U2 gigs at Twickenham as it is very local to us! Not sure if we've defo got tickets yet. Also a fairly strong possibility that baby no 2 may come early as ds1 was 4 weeks early so got to be a bit careful! Enjoy the gig! I saw U2 21 years ago at Milton Keynes! (Now really showing my age!). It was a great gig despite the fact that by the time U2 came on it was pouring with rain and we were slowing slipping down the mud banks!

Off to another gig (The Tears) in a few weeks so it will be interesting to see how we get on there. It's at The Shepherds Bush Empire where you can always find somewhere slightly out of the way to stand so not quite a cramped as The Astoria!

Bambino1: Better not go with Lyla for a name as we are expecting another boy!!!

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