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Halp! Is this SPD?

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StayFrosty Sun 14-Jun-09 22:08:32

I am 25 + 5 wks pg, and have had pain in my left bumcheek going down my left leg for a few weeks. I've had quite a busy week and weekend and now when walking have quite severe pain round in the front of my groin as well as the constant bumache

Is this the dreaded SPD? I am meant to be going camping to the seaside tomorrow with dp and dd, little dd is soooooo excited, I am gonna try and get in to see the doctor before we set off, but has anyone any tips on coping?

The pain round the front of the groin might be spd, yes. The shooting pain in the bum sounds more like sciatica, I had both, the sciatica went straight after the birth (I think it was just pressure from the baby, really)

Coping with spd... well, just not too much walking, be careful getting in and out of car/bed/bath, try to keep your knees together as much as possible and not put too much pressure on your pelvis. I don't advise using gym balls etc

There's a wealth of advice on MN about spd, do a search.

mrswee Sun 14-Jun-09 22:22:15

Sleeping on my side on a soft surface (I have a double duvet folded under me) with at least one pillow between my legs (I have to use two pillows) to support my pelvis has made a huge almost instant difference to my SPD. It make a difference between a painful day and a good day.
I know you are going camping but can you take extra pillows with you? not do too much walking and take regular stops for stretching your legs while traveling. Also not carrying/ lifting heavy weights!?

StayFrosty Sun 14-Jun-09 22:29:05

Thanks I will take as many pillows as I can fit in the van.

I had bum pain last pg, the groin pain is something else tho, it hurts like a mofo! Atleast I am bringing joy to someone, my dear mother has been pissing herself laughing at how I walk today, thanks a bunch mum.

It looks like dp is going to be busy this week running around after dd grin Off to search the archives for further handy hints.

Stretch Mon 15-Jun-09 10:25:59

Jamesandthegiantbanana, do you really not advise using gym balls? I find this is the only thing I can bear to sit on sometimes, is it possibly making me worse??

Stayfrosty, I am about 26/27 weeks too! Do you find that you can't roll over when in bed? It sort of feels like someone is tearing your pubic bone? <ouch>
I would go to the drs, but when I got a referral last pg, I had to attend a 'self-help' group, in the middle of town, no transport and no childcare, so couldn't go!!

Stretch, if you feel it helps you then go for it, but I think it would have made mine a lot worse as I was in quite a bit of pain with my hip joints as well as the front of the pelvis, and even lifting a leg to get in the bath or slouching on the sofa made it very painful so I think bouncing on a ball would have irritated it even further. If you find it actually alleviates the condition then great!

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