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Bump at 10 weeks...

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Thingiebob Sun 14-Jun-09 16:51:07

Erm... is this normal? This is my first.

For the last few days my OH swears I have a bump, told him not to be silly - I'm just fat!
Got dressed today and there is no mistaking that I have a bump. Surely this is way too early? My mum insists it is 'my womb' but it's soft so this is just my wobbly tum isn't it?

Sorry - silly question, I know!

Thandeka Sun 14-Jun-09 17:11:15

Yup is normal. In my last pregnancy I started obviously showing from about 8 weeks (unfortunately ended in MMC at 10 weeks- which is odd because emby stopped growing at 7 weeks but egg sac carried on). Got pregnant again straight away after and since uterus is already enlarged am going to start showing so much earlier- am 6.3 weeks and can tell I will be showing shortly which is annoying as obviously dont want to tell people given history but is going to be hard to hide!

It is your tum rather than baby bump as baby still too small but your uterus is pushing up and outwards so some women do show that early.

suwoo Sun 14-Jun-09 17:35:34

With my second I was showing at 5 weeks. With no3, I didn't show til slightly later, about 8 weeks. I am fairly huge now, my bump at 26 weeks is on my profile.

ShowOfHands Sun 14-Jun-09 17:37:57

I was showing by 7 weeks with my first. A colleague congratulated me. I wasn't overweight at all. I had a definite bump. Was in maternity clothes at 11 weeks, it all slowed down around 16 weeks and I stayed the same size for a couple of months. Then it got out of hand again.

SalBySea Sun 14-Jun-09 17:39:22

my bump appeared at 11 weeks (on my wedding day shock), it was my first

carrielou2007 Sun 14-Jun-09 18:21:34

Another bump here, just past ten weeks. With dd I just looked 'thick' around the middle, wore my normal jeans at my 20 week scan and sort of popped out overnight. I was about a stone overweight, was really almost a 14 rather than my normal size 12. This time fine in the day but as the day goes on, it expands!

Think it's mostly a bit of bloating and eating fruit and veg like there's no tomorrow but it is proper 'bump' shape! Also work clothes tight around my waist, my deflated boobs since BF are now enourmous and I can no longer button up my size 12 jackets!!

Thingiebob Sun 14-Jun-09 23:51:32

Thank you for all your responses!
You've reassured me.

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