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Feet problems

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Neon Sat 13-Jun-09 22:22:59

Hi there,
I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and my feet have really started to suffer.
I have awful - grose feet anyhow - a bunion on each and they are meaty and wide - the worst women's feet I have ever seen and I am now struggling with swelling. Also the ball on the bottom of my right foot is beginning to get really sore and thin/raw feeling - almost numb. I've grown out of my normally wide shoes.
I walked around Clarks a couple of times last week but I couldn't really decide - maybe hormonal :/

Could anyone recommend any treatments/tips that worked for them and/ or perhaps excellent shoes they may have worn during pregnancy (that don't look older lady like)? I wouldn't ask - but it's starting to become quite painful and aside from cutting my feet off - I'm not sure what to do...

kitkatqueen Sun 14-Jun-09 02:43:23


tbh I think in your situation I would go and have a chat with the gp. If your feet are staring to swell at 23 weeks you should really have your blood pressure checked, swollen feet can be a begining sign for pre-eclamsia. Also, If you are have numbness etc there is a possibility that you may be eligable for a referral to a chiropodist. As you are pregnant ( and i'm guessing u r in the uk) this should be free.

good luck

giggly Sun 14-Jun-09 23:05:28

Hi Neon,
I am 24 weeks and have had swollen feet for about the last 4. Same as last pregnancy, so not to woried, but they look like elephant's feet. I went from a size 6 to a 9. Now settle on 7-8. Dont have bunion's so sorry cant help there. I swear by my pink Birkies and wear them everwhere, also had a pedicure last week which was great and reduced the swelling no problem, lovely painted toes and big fat feet. I would suggest those party gel insoles fo the balls of your feet as they may give some extra erm, bounce, sorry cant think of the proper word. Everyone always tells you to put your feet up when you can, but I work 4 days and have a dd aged 3 so no chance there, and dh hates rubbing my feet , cant say I blame him. I never found a real cure last timeround but will definety have a pedicure as I can afford. Good luck.

bevlin Mon 15-Jun-09 13:14:17

Hi Neon. In my last preg I had terrible swollen feet early on. At work everyone called me 4 1 feet which isn't very nice as I worked for the police and a 4 1 is basically a deceased person!shock I struggled to walk as eventually my ankles became so swollen they didn't bend as did my hands - don't even mention my face it was hidious! My releif came from a double appointment with the chiropractor and reflexologist. The chiropractor removed any dead skin and softened the skin and gave good advice and the reflexologist was amazing, really relaxing and it did help with the water retention a bit. It was the only time I could walk properly when I left them. If you can only afford one though id go with reflexology. Don't worry about grose feet, mine were hard to identify as feet but i didn't care, id have held someone at knife point for a foot rub! Don't worry about pre-ecampsia either, swelling or odemea (prob spelt wrong)Is common in preg and doesn't always mean that but it is worth mentioning so they can keep an eye on you. I ended up with severe odemea and high blood pressure so they did watch me carefully for PE but DS showed up early - phew!

Neon Mon 15-Jun-09 19:56:11

Hi and thanks very much for your messages!
I gave up smoking in January - smoked 30 a day and always had high blood pressure and now I am at the opposite scale having low blood pressure - which is weird. I am having a bit of a problem with low iron count so taking supps for that.
bevlin - 4 1 feet sums my feet up!
I think I'm going to treat my feet to something anyhow.
Thanks again.

kitkatqueen Mon 15-Jun-09 22:16:02

Hiya, Are you using Spatone for low iron - they are available from boots and reccomended during pregnancy as you don't get the nasty side effects that you can get from iron tablets.

staylucky Tue 16-Jun-09 10:02:27

Hello hun, I totally sympathise. Swollen extermities suck!

My mum goes to see a chiropodist sporadically and absolutely swears by it. I always thought it was a bit of an old lady thing to do to be honest but after hearing about what she does for her it sounds lovely! It costs her about £11 when she goes, and she pretty much just goes whenever she feels like it, you're not tied into going every week or even every month.

I'm very tempted to go with her next time anyway cause I too have hobbit feet, LOL.

Ooh also another mammy tip, If you have a scholl shop nearby go in and have a look or look here they're not hugely sexy but soooooooo comfy x

staylucky Tue 16-Jun-09 10:04:52

Sorry can never get that right?!

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