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chicken liver in pregnancy?

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jumblies Sat 13-Jun-09 17:04:41

Just read through the list given to me by the midwives at my booking in appointment and it lists *OX liver* as a no no in pregnancy but says nothing about chicken liver...

Forgot to ask at the time but does anyone know if chicken liver is ok to eat in pregnancy. I think Ox liver is much higher in vitamin A but at 14,000 iu chicken liver does seem to still be quite high as well hmm


bigchris Sat 13-Jun-09 17:05:33

no all liver is banned
I really missed pate when I was pregnant

jumblies Sat 13-Jun-09 17:09:59

thats what I thought in my last pregnancy but just thought it odd to list it as Ox Liver...would have thought they would have just put liver hmm

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