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Pre-eclampsia - one of the following has brought my bp down and symptoms under control.. thought you'd like to know...

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Jackaroo Sat 13-Jun-09 12:10:09

Unfortunately because I've started several things I can't tell which, but something has made a significant difference in the last 24 hours (apart from lovely responses from MN of cousre :-)

1 - Doctor gave me betablockers - I know in the UK Methyldopa is most common, but apparently BBs are faster to act and shorter half life/don't make you feel so rubbish.

2 - chinese medicine - mistletoe, peony, zizyphus. Disgusting but maybe worth it?

3 - Magnesium supplements.

I'm sure my water retention is less, and my bp has dropped a definite 10+ points each side - so from 140/150 over 90/100 to 135/80.

Just thought I'd write ti down in case someone can use the info.

Jackaroo Sat 13-Jun-09 12:11:23

PS my levels didn't ever come down with Methyldopa, btw, just didn't go up anymore..and doctor still thought BBs would take 2-3 days to work.. so am wondering if it's one of the alternative things.

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