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Weight gain 15+2 weeks?

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Kingsroadie Fri 12-Jun-09 17:22:10

Okay, I KNOW everyone is going to tell me I am supposed to put on weight as I am growing a baby etc, but is anyone else finding it hard to deal with? I have always been able to eat whatever I like and not gain weight and am a size 8 (occasional 10) usually so have never really had to worry - very lucky I know.

I have gained 6lbs so far, oh which some will be placenta, tiny baby, fluid, extra blood etc and I have a small bump (that at the start of the day is barely noticeable and later on is slightly more so - I think due to bloating) but am not quite sure where the weight has gone! I don't think I have got fatter on my arms legs or bottom - is it on my head?!

I do realise I am supposed to gain weight and I should just suck it up so please no one shout at me - am just finding it a little hard to come to terms with grin and wondered if anyone else is feeling the same? First baby btw, as might be obvious...just wanted a bit of a Friday afternoon moan.

Ps. So sorry if I have annoyed anyone!

ErikaMaye Fri 12-Jun-09 18:34:39

Hehe - I'm just coming up to 18 weeks and spend most of my time complaining about weight gain so don't worry!!

I was a ten - am now a 14. I feel like the baby might as well be in my bum as thats where I seem to have put on the most weight!!! I dunno how much I've put on - I had an ED and had trained myself out of checking the scales. So that might be why its been so difficult gaining weight, I know it made it harder with the morning sickness.

I have a pretty damn big bump for how far along I am, I started showing at about 10 weeks.

All I can say is that as the bump gets bigger and you get more excited, the weight gain gets more acceptable and easier to deal with mentally because you realise it most certainly is another human being!!!

Kingsroadie Mon 15-Jun-09 10:06:58

Thanks a lot - makes me feel better to know that other people feel the same. Self-indulgent, I know, but hey! Also you make a good point about the fact that once the bump arrives you will see why you are gainign the weight - at the moment it just feels like it's for no reason! Bing on the bump smile

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