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Any help / advice gratefully received - 9 weeks and feel so ill

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Worriedunfortunately Thu 11-Jun-09 19:19:54


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old DD. I have felt terrible for the last two weeks. I feel sick all the time, shaky, faint, cold and shivery and 'fuzzy'. I know thats not a good description but don't know how else to describe it.

I've booked time off work as holiday and have mainly slept, just walking down stairs makes me feel terrible.

I saw the midwife on Sunday, she said I had low blood pressure - 90/50 and that was probably what was making me feel bad.

Took blood pressure again on Wed it was 89 / 50.

Any suggestions of what I can do to feel better? I'm literally spending every minute lying in bed either sleeping or on the internet. I didn't feel anything like this with DD1.

Thanks for reading x

bevlin Thu 11-Jun-09 20:30:52

Im sure your midwife has already checked but you never know - could you be aneamic? Just the weakness and dizziness could also be caused by that. I also had a friend who had similar symtoms and low blood pressure, it turned out she had a low thyroid caused by pregnancy but this is not common and was at the end of her PG and just after birth. Either that or the horrible nausea coupled with the low blood pressure could well be enough to explain feeling shivery, fuzzy, faint etc. Im 10 weeks (due Jan 8th)and have a 2yr old DS. I have nausea and sickness and do have times when I feel fuzzy and faint because of it. It's not all of the time but it is awful when it sweeps over you. You do just want to sleep through this bit eh! Just get those two possibles checked out but im sure you are fine. Hope you feel better soon. x

Worriedunfortunately Thu 11-Jun-09 21:00:56

Thank you. Had bloods down so assume will check for that and come back to me if a problem.

Here's wishing the next 3 weeks away quickly!

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