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Early scan showed small bleed - need advice

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hereshoping Tue 10-May-05 19:10:23

Had a scan today because of previous miscarriages. showed a 6+3 bean but a small bleed adjacent to the sac. havent had any bleeding except perhaps a little brown spotting
Any advice? Anyone been thru same?
im being scanned again in 2 weeks but am terrifed
PS I may have accidentally created 2 threads with same topic!

zippy539 Tue 10-May-05 19:13:22

Hi hereshoping - first off congratulations! Could the bleed be implantation bleeding? I had same thing at about the same stage as you with ds - except I did have actual visual bleeding. I was scanned because of it and the bleed was visible on the scan. Did the person scanning you give any explanation?

LGJ Tue 10-May-05 19:13:55

Sorry I can't help, but just wanted to help keep this bumped.

aloha Tue 10-May-05 19:14:59

I had it too - no effect on me or dd!

Aragon Tue 10-May-05 19:15:07

Hi there,

I had this too. Can't remember what they called it now but I know they didn't consider it that serious - just re-scanned me a few weeks later to check it hadn't got any bigger. The little bean (cashew nut I called him) is now 2 and fighting fit so hopefully all is well for you too. Am sure they're just being over cautious and keeping an eye on you both. Did they see a heartbeat today - apparently once they've seen a heartbeat the risk of miscarriage becomes much smaller.

Marina Tue 10-May-05 19:20:13

I had this with all three pregnancies - it showed up especially clearly on my third, possibly because the scanning machines have developed so much in six years.
I am trying to remember how the sonographer explained it, but basically "old" blood shows up well and fresh bleeding doesn't, on a scan. So if you see a bleed on a scan, it is therefore not current. Like you, I had brown spotting, and I was terrified.
My little "bean", who was also conceived following a very late miscarriage, is now nearly two and very naughty. Wishing you the same luck hereshoping.

hereshoping Tue 10-May-05 19:44:35

they did see a heartbeat - this improves the odds doesnt it?

KathH Tue 10-May-05 20:31:11

I've had bleeding in all 4 of my pregnancies - dd1 is 12, dd2 is 8, ds1 is 6 and ds2 is 7 mths.

Marina Tue 10-May-05 20:44:54

Very much so hereshoping. Heartbeat post bleed almost always shows that whatever the bleeding is, it's not threatening the pregnancy. Something like over 90% likelihood of all being well once heartbeat seen...

charleepeters Tue 10-May-05 20:53:53

i had sam etihng as zippy now i have an 8 month old beautifull baby boy good luck hope all goes well

mmmmchocolate Tue 10-May-05 20:59:46

I had a bleed along side the sac with my dd, and it was still there at my 22 wk scan, i bled slightly each month but dd is now a fit and very active 8 month year old. Its hard not to worry but all sounds good with you. in know time there will be a bouncing baby with you xx

aloha Tue 10-May-05 23:28:44

My dd was swimming about in blood flecked waters all her little in-utero life, and she's the very picture of health now!

mrsdarcy Wed 11-May-05 05:29:02

I had bleeding early on with DS1 and DS2 and they were just fine. I was given a similar explanation to the one Marina mentioned about "old" blood. Good luck and congratulations!

hereshoping Wed 11-May-05 09:59:42

thanks for advice def feel a bit calmer today

popsycal Wed 11-May-05 10:02:48

I had this with both babies.....
No effect at all - 9 week old ds2 is here snoring away in my arms right now

fingers crossed

hereshoping Sun 22-May-05 20:49:00

Now actually had a bleed, bright red with some cramps but it settled within 4 hours.went to gynae and admitted overnight, they saw a heartbeat and the cervix was closed
what now? anyone reassure me?
they are scanning me again on thurs
unfortunately our secret news has now leaked out and im getting the why do you keep putting yourself thru this - ive had 2 missed mcs prior to this but never bled, either in them or my successful pgs

AnotherHelen Mon 23-May-05 10:30:06

Hiya hereshoping! i have never experienced this but my sister who has also had miscarriages had a very similar experience early in her pregnancy, she too was bleeding and had bad cramps she was kept in overnight and babies heartbeat was found, she went on to have a healthy baby boy who i snow 2, she is also due to have her second baby in a couple of weeks! - she also had bleeding and cramps in the early stages of this pregnancy too, but baby is absolutley fine! im sure you must be so worried and its the worst thing not knowing whats going to happen next, but bleeding doesnt always mean bad news, sometimes its just one of thoses things! i really really hope things are ok for you - i will keep my fingers crossed! xxx

george32 Thu 26-May-05 16:02:00

Heres, I do hope things are going OK
Thinking of you.

Crazymama Thu 26-May-05 16:42:52

Hi Hereshoping,

I am 11 wks and had been bleeding lightly since 3 1/2 weeks until last week. Two early scans have shown a small bleed next to the sac (which they referred to as a small clot).

The bleed varys between light brown and bright red, but is never much despite being there on every toilet trip (Sorry, just trying to give detail!)

Its only meant to be a risk if the area is large. Mine was quite small (but enough to cause bleeding most days). Its also riskier in later pregnancy, but quite common in early pregnancy apparently.

I have been told that the area will just be absorbed into the body, and Im sure I read somewhere that this is likely around the time the placenta kicks in. (but I might have dreamed this!).

My bleeding has now been gone for a week so im hoping that's it - scan tomorrow so guess I will see if the clot is still there. THe time also seems consistant with the time the placenta would have kicked in.

Like you I also saw a Heartbeat.

I think you can expect more bleeding, and I know its really difficult because you dont expect to have to deal with bleeding so much when pregnant. THe bright red is also quite alarming.
But it sounds exactly like what I have.

I know its been a few weeks since you posted - how are you now?

LTM79 Fri 29-Nov-19 10:16:57

Hi everyone. This is my first post and just looking for some opinions really.
Brief history: I had a ruptured ectopic a few years ago resulting in emergency surgery and left tube removal.
I got pregnant again and went on to have my amazing beautiful boy over a year later who was born by emergency section.
Then last summer I had a missed miscarriage. It was diagnosed on an early scan (which they give me due to previous ectopic). I had no spotting, bleeding or signs at all so that came as a shock. It took 6 weeks from finding out the baby had died for me to miscarry.
I’m pregnant again now at suspected 7 weeks and had an early scan yesterday. It was an internal scan and it was quite painful-don’t remember them being painful before?! The nurses face was the exact same as when looking at the screen last summer for my mmc-kind of screwed up and looking at the screen as if confused if you know what I mean. Straight away my heart sank as it didn’t look promising.
She said ‘I can’t really tell what I’m looking at here’ (same as last time!) she said I was looking like 6+1 weeks and that there was a bleed. She could see a baby and a flicker of a heartbeat which she ‘would like to be stronger’. There was also something on the screen that looks like it might have started off as a twin pregnancy (another area next to the sac). She also said that there was an ‘echo-dense area on my ovary’ which she thinks is unlikely to be, but she can’t rule out,an ectopic. Apparently it’s very rare but it can happen that sometimes you can have a pregnancy in the womb and one outside it?!
So anyway now I’m worried sick! I have to go back in just under 2 weeks for another scan and she said only time will tell,I might miscarry or the pregnancy might go on to be ok.
I hate this waiting,I almost wish I’d never went for the scan as at least then I didn’t know and what would have happened would have happened without me worrying.
I’m also worrying that the scan might have done something as it was so painful,I know they say there’s no risk but I’m not sure 😞
I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has had anything similar? I’ve had no bleeding or spotting and yet this bleed was discovered on the scan. Also the fact that the heartbeat wasn’t as strong as she would have liked it to be. It seems likely that it’s going wrong doesn’t it? 😞
My husband is the only person that knows I’m pregnant so hopefully will help just being able to get it out on here and tell others how I’m feeling.
Also should mention that I’m 40 so my age might have something to do with it all too.
Thanks everyone, hope you can shed some light on it all xxxx

Gemjj14 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:30:55

LTM79 Hi I just had a scan today about 5 weeks she thinks. I saw heart beat and a little dot I was so happy after miscarrying a few months back then she went on to say there was quite a bit of blood around the sac to the sides and below and not above? Have u had ur other scan yet? How did u get on? I have a repeat scan Monday x

LTM79 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:24:11

Hi Gemjj14 . That's promising that you saw a little heartbeat! I'm hoping that the blood we are having is just from an implantation bleed and will just reabsorb or something. After my scan I spent hours trawling google trying to find some answers but now I'm trying to just wait and what will be will be I guess. I drive myself crazy on google sometimes! 😫
I've not had my repeat scan yet,it's on Monday too (9th). It's so hard waiting isn't it? X

Gemjj14 Tue 03-Dec-19 07:28:53

It really is!! Some sites say bed rest that will help but my doctor didn’t advise that so I’m off to work as normal. My doctor wasn’t to helpful at all though to be honest! Fingers crossed for Monday!! Xxx

LTM79 Tue 03-Dec-19 11:55:06

Yes I saw that as well,and then other sites saying they say just to carry on as normal. The nurse didn't say too much at my scan either to be honest.
I've been feeling super exhausted and tired so I've not been doing much compared to what I used to but it's just because I'm so shattered!
I think as long as you don't do anything super strenuous then it should be ok hopefully.
Yes fingers crossed for Monday,will tell you then how it went xxx

Gemjj14 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:47:20

I will also let u know.... my app is at 9:30. I’m also tired and have lower back ache.

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