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disappointed about my scan dates need a rant!

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Just called my midwife to ask about my early scan date as i had a mc with no period inbetween conceiving again.

Was told at my appointment that they scan you within 6 weeks of the first bfp which was just over 3 weeks ago now, yet just been told on the phone it takes 6-8 weeks for an appointment to come through! which potentially means waiting another 7 weeks for my scan.

Im so upset about this as last week the midwife told me to pick anything between 6-10 weeks as to how far along i am.

As my confirmed MC was 17th April i had put myself now at 8 weeks tommorrow, although id been bleeding pretty much all the way through the last pregnancy.

I have spent the last 3 weeks desperately not going into EPU for an early scan on the pretence anything was wrong and now i feel so desperate to know i want to go in tommorrow! I feel so annoyed as potentially i could be 15 weeks by the time i have an early scan it feel so late!! and all i really want to know is, is the baby ok?
I didnt feel sick yesterday and not yet today, my boobs dont feel overly sore during the day mainly first thing in the morning, and they feel very heavy and tender when i lift them. I do have bluey veins developing on my right boobs but hardly any on the left! I spend all day looking at my symptoms checking that all is normal.

Im tempted tommorrow to go any buy another test and feel that the only way i can get through the next 7 weeks is by weekly testing which will cost me a fortune!

Please someone reassure me as im having a wobbly moment. sad

carrielou2007 Thu 11-Jun-09 09:20:02

Go private. A scan will cost you about 100 pounds. Where I live you can't just turn up at EPU and despite several phone calls from me (ok exagerating a bit) about pain (true) and irregular periods and wanting an OSCAR so need to know dates. No way. Same answer from midwife and GP.

I had to get a scan which put me furter on. Due to my age I should havea nulchal on NHS but they do not do them in my area so that's another 189 cost. My NHS scan has come through when I will be appox 15 weeks so would have missed the crucial weeks to have the OSCAR.

I'm sorry to say that testing is not going to reassure you as the hormones stay in your body for a few weeks. I was still testing positive 3 weeks after I had a MC.

callalilies Thu 11-Jun-09 09:23:14

Yes do consider going private for a scan if you can - they're not that expensive and regardless of whether the NHS should be scanning you as a matter of principle, £100-odd is worth it to remove the stress at this point imo.

Castiel Thu 11-Jun-09 09:24:22

Can your midwife not refer you the EPAU?

FifiOK Thu 11-Jun-09 09:33:12

Iateall I am not surprised you are ranting. I agree with carrielou go private and don't do any more tests. This might be a stab in the dark but have you tried phoning the EPU direct. Some do a self referral for a reassurance scan when you are 8 weeks if you have had a previous MC. It probably depends where you live, and if you can get an early scan you may forfeit your rights to a 12 week scan later on. Good luck & don't worry too much about symptoms. From what I have read on here and from personal experience the presence of symptoms doesn't always indicate a positive outcome and a sudden lack of symptoms does not always mean bad news.

Let us know how you get on.

hi all, paying for a private scan is not an option for us, we dont have the money tbh.

Our local EPU have a drop in session every morning Mon - Fri for 2 hours and will scan you if your beyond 6 weeks and have had pain or bleeding. But i have not had pain or bleeding and i know from several local people its very easy to lie to them and they will scan you, but i don't want to lie to them even though its incredibly easy. I've known quite a few people go in fortnightly and they dont get turned away just incase.

I might give EPU a call just incase they say i can come in but tommorrows Friday so i suspect they would be very busy.

Carrie im not worrying if i was showing positive from mc i was so early on and the tests i am doing now (last one a week ago) are showing very dark bfps, more than in the last pregnancy. Just reassurance im after.

thanks to you all.

MrsHappy Thu 11-Jun-09 09:42:10

Reassurance is a valid reason for a scan, especially when you don't know your dates.
Call the EPAU and explain the situation. They might be busy tomorrow, but they might suggest a quieter day when you could come in.
Don't read anything into your symptoms - they don't mean a thing.

Are you in London? If so St Georges do a walk in EPAU and you don't need to claim to have been bleeding.

Castiel Thu 11-Jun-09 09:44:07

How frustrating for you iate.

I think carrie meant that continued positive tests are no sure way of confirming a healthy, continuing current pg iyswim

Phone your EPAU and explain.

The system where you are sounds rubbish. Come back and let us know how you get on.

ive called the epu and left a message on the answerphone, hope they call back today. I live just outside Bath, my midwife has been great i just feel annoyed as i've been waiting all this week for a letter and i prob wont get one for quite some time.


traceybath Thu 11-Jun-09 09:55:36

I'm near Bath and RUH if thats where you're going are rubbish at dating scans - in fact i was told they weren't doing them anymore.

My GP referred me to EPAU because i was breastfeeding and unsure of dates and they were a nightmare - basically didn't want to scan me because i didn't know my dates - aaggghhh!

In the end they found a lovely consultant who agreed to scan me at the end of his clinic but only after i nearly cried.

Afraid i'd be tempted to go to EPU and say you've had some pains and also make sure you say you think you're past 6 weeks or they definitely won't scan you.

I know it feels totally wrong to tell lies but my GP and friend who is a GP in Bath say its the only way to get an early scan at the moment unless you pay.

Good luck.

hi tracey yep i mean the RUH. I know they dont do the 12 weeks scan anymore, all you get now is the 20 week scan and midwife said they dont normally do early scans but due to MC they will?
I think your right i may have to fib a little just to get some kind of reassurance, perhaps a trip in at 7:30 tommorrow might be the way forward!
If they ask about dates id have to give them MC date as i had it confirmed there, although they were pretty usless and just sent me home with a leaflet.
When they call me back ill say ive had some pains the past few days and have been really worried.
Cheers Tracey!

lowrib Thu 11-Jun-09 10:29:46

Hi iateallthecreameggs you said "the only way i can get through the next 7 weeks is by weekly testing which will cost me a fortune!"

Did you know you can get pregnancy tests in lots of pound shops. I'm not joking, really! You don't get any fancy packaging but they use the same method as the more expensive ones so should be just as reliable AFAIK.


hi lowrib,

yep ive heard about this but i dont live anywhere near a pound shop unfortunately, the closest one is about 10 miles from me, and i dont even think they sell any in there?

Traceybath do you know if there is still a pound shop in Bath and if they sell the cheap tests??

JammyJake Thu 11-Jun-09 10:36:10

If I were you I would speak to your midwife and just explain how worried you are and that is affecting your health. Play the sympathy card and hopefully she will refer you to the EPU. I had a MC and when I did get pregnant after that I just said how worried I was and that it was upsetting my Blood pressure. They gave me 2 early scans after that.

Good luck with everything and try not too worry.

thanks jammy, i was sure id been referred to epu but i suppose i could call them again and ask if they will refer me. No harm in asking i suppose.

timmette Thu 11-Jun-09 11:38:58

Could you not contact the epu and explain about previous mc and that you are soooo stressed etc and didn't want to lie to them about pain and bleeding etc but is it possible they could scan as the stress is making you ill...maybe you get someone sympathetic,

yep i called them and left a message 3 hours ago! im waiting on them calling me back.

traceybath Thu 11-Jun-09 14:39:34

I don't think there is a pound shop in Bath.

Regarding a referral i had a GP letter and still they didn't want to scan me and instead told me they were going to complain about my GP.

When i asked what the GP should have done they couldn't answer - just said it was all a bit rubbish really.

I would roll up at 7.30am tomorrow and just say you've had some pains. To be honest you probably have if you think hard enough - a bit of ligament stretching perhaps . . .

Good luck!

JemL Thu 11-Jun-09 15:28:53

It makes me so cross that some areas have self referral EPU's and will offer reassurance scans and others won't - our EPU absolutely won't do anything without GP referral, and make it clear that they do not offer reassurance scans, even after two consecutive miscarriages.

Like so many things, it seems to be a real lottery

I would second exaggerating and getting a scan - I know it feels awful to do, but I have known plenty people do it - it is a desperate lie in a good cause in my opinion.

lowrib Thu 11-Jun-09 15:57:10

Here you go ...

2 pregnancy strip tests for £1.75 + free postage if you select "Saver Delivery" (whatever that is) at the checkout

(or otherwise standard Delivery is £1.00).

The internet has everything!

I agree with the others though I would try and see if you can persuade them to give you an earlier scan by explaining how it is causing you stress. Worth a try.

JammyJake Thu 11-Jun-09 21:54:16

I would definately try for the scan - even if something is wrong then a Pregnancy test kit may still be positive.

traceybath Fri 12-Jun-09 13:34:26

Just wondered how you got on this morning . . .

oh hi Tracey i did not go for scan in the end. I went to tescos at 7am and tested in the loos! Line came up as fast as the last one, before it reached the 2nd window. Sio i have 3 spare tests to keeo me going till my scan!

EPU called me back yesterday pm as id missed their call thursday. She was amazinbg and in short told me i could go in and say id had cramps, she totally understood my concerns and knows how hard it is not knowing! she was amazing and so kind to remember to call me back! I ended up crying as she was so lovely!

This mornin boobs slightly tender again and spent most of yest under a duvet snoozing and had gone of roast duck id cooked for dh! So all is fine i was just having total meltdown moment! Thanks for asking though i appreciate it! xx

LeninGrad Sat 13-Jun-09 09:27:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aww lenin im glal all was ok for you this time!

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