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breech at 35 weeks - need some experiences!

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dinkyboysmum Wed 10-Jun-09 19:31:43

saw mw today and she said baby is breech. it has been since she started recording it in my notes at 28 weeks. she said to go back next week, and if it's still breech then i'll be sent for a scan to confirm it, then go for ecv to manipulate it round. if that doesnt work, then c-section.

Now, i'm not overly bothered about needing a c-section...i'm no earth mother, 'whatever will be will be' and all that & hvaing a 'date' would certainly help my planning for care of ds1. but just wondered whether anyone could share their experiences with me of breech babies and c-sections. is there a chance it can turn naturally? are there any risks associated with the ECV manipulation? i know its only suppose to be about 50% successful. can i ask for elective c-section without trying ECV?

dal21 Wed 10-Jun-09 20:09:11

Hi - my DS was exactly same. Resolute breech, didn't turn at all. He was measuring a little on the small side too, so at 35 weeks, my obs and MW ruled out trying to turn him. Because they werent sure about why he was measuring a little small, they didnt want to risk distressing him.

At no point did they make me feel that an ECV was a must have and it was entirely my choice.

Now - there are other mnetters who I am sure delivered a breech baby successfully via VB without any problems. I went for elective and was so grateful that I did. DS was such a skinny little thing, his bottom would have dropped through and his lollipop head (LOL he was adorable when he was born tho!) would have gotten caught. I shudder when I think about delivering him naturally. So for me, elective csection was by far the best route.

Post birth - DS was fine - they think I will only grow small bubs and it was something to do with the shape of my pelvis re him staying breech. He obviously found it comfy where he was!

Best of luck!

LadyLotty Wed 10-Jun-09 20:14:14

My baby was breech from day 1 it seems, had so many scans and I tried everything to try to turn the little one - including ECV.

My experience of ECV was horrible. This is my first baby, and I'm very slender which may have contributed to it being so painful and unsuccessful an experience. Sometimes there are no definite reasons for the baby to not turn. In my case, as I found out after giving birth through c-section, the baby just had very very long legs and was too tight-fitting inside me, so he couldn't turn, or be turned. If you google, you'll get some findings re. a link of disability and breech babies, but it could also just be for a million other very valid, good reasons why the baby won't turn.

I did try everything possible (acupuncture, homeopathy, all the recommended exercises under the sun plus ECV) to avoid the c-section and I waited until my 40th week, hoping against hope that he would turn by himself. But having gone through the operation, I have to say c section isn't bad at all.

The scar from c section is so small and faint you hardly hardly see it and the pain is altogether very manageable.

Please don't worry. It sounds like you're quite chilled anyway, and accepting that whatever will be will be.

Best of luck :-)

GentlyDidIt Wed 10-Jun-09 20:40:36

Congrats on the pregnancy and HUGE congrats on the "whatever will be, will be" attitude. That's probably the best tool you can have in your kit!

DD wiggled between breech and transverse during pg and then stuck at tranverse, so was advised I needed a section very late in pg. I was GUTTED and felt like a complete failure (not helped by matriarchs of family tutting about me "not trying!")

I don't fully understand what happened next as my head was all over the place for that reason, but fluid levels & baby's circulation were checked by ultrasound and I was told that attempts to turn the baby would probably be unsuccessful.

When DD finally arrived by elective 3 weeks later she had dislocated hips and needed to wear a Pavlik harness until she was 14 weeks. Clever little sausage knew that she needed to sit still and that we would have to go in and get her. This is quite a common problem for breech /transverse babies, esp. 1st born girls, and whilst I was worried about it at the time, it was actually very straightforward and easy to treat. She is now at primary school, tallest in her year and built like a marathon runner!

I am now 30 wks pg with my second and guess what, he is sitting in EXACTLY the same position as DD was, all on the right with his legs stretched out, as though he is resting against a tree in the park reading the newspaper. Has not budged from that spot for the last 2 months. I don't expect him to, either. This is just how I grow babies! My bump is a very odd shape indeed...

Make sure you have lots of support after the section as you will not be up to housework etc for some time. Just enjoy sitting and cuddling that baby. If (and when!) I have my second section for transverse/breech lie, that will be my main piece of advice to myself.

Good luck and enjoy your new arrival!

staylucky Wed 10-Jun-09 20:59:56

Hello Dinkyboysmum

Have no prior experience, am just in the same position at 35 weeks. Will watch out with interest and see what happens, would be good to see what your midwife/doctor says as a comparison. Mine are well unhelpful angry
If you're not keen on the ECV (and I think it sounds horrendous too) then I think you're within your rights to refuse it.

Hope all goes well and fingers crossed they turn! grin

dannyg Thu 11-Jun-09 13:08:16

Hia i am too 35 weeks with bubs maybe breech seeing midwife next week to see if things have changed, if not being sent for scan. My first ds was breech but ended up having an emergency c section as hospital failed to follow my notes which had breech written for weeks in them so had 24hrs of labour only to get rushed down to theater as they failed to feel my ds bottom!!. 2nd ds had a very strait forward vbac which i sailed through. But now preg with hopfully dd1 and midwife thinks shes breechsad, was hopeing for a natrual delivery too. Keep posted Girls will be interesting to see what happens x x x

lastboxoftampons Thu 11-Jun-09 13:45:29

Hi all:

No advice to share, but reading this thread with interest. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and I know my baby is not in position. I generally have a hard time feeling what's what, but often feel a bump that's either a head or a bum on my right side - although he moves around a lot. This morning on the train, I felt an unmistakable head and a bum - on either sides of my tummy!

Starting to get slightly worried as it's nigh on impossible to get an appointment with the midwife at my GP. Next one is scheduled for 25 June, but I had called yesterday to see if they could make it earlier and they said they're all booked up until 20 July! shock That's 4 days before my due date! I was hoping to get some advice on what my options are and what I can do to encourage him to turn in the meantime - which fingers crossed I'll get on the 25th!

Please do keep us updated about your condition. Good luck!

Pinkjenny Thu 11-Jun-09 13:50:59

My dd was breech from 27 weeks. I was scheduled for an ECV, which I was very nervous about, but during the scan before the procedure, the consultant concluded that dd was just too awkwardly positioned, and advised me to have an elective cs. I had my cs at 38 weeks, with no problems or complications at all. Despite being terrified, it was a very pleasant experience.

Poor dd, her head was all strangely shaped when she came out because it had been jammed against my ribs, and she had dislocated hips. All fine now!

heartmoonshadow Fri 12-Jun-09 10:05:17


I too have an oddly postioned child - I was interested to hear about the baby born with hip issues as I had congenital hip dyslocation when I was born.

I have been strongly advised to consider ECV - which I DO NOT want. In my opinion the hospital I am at are so proud of their low c-section rate they will do anything to prevent another on their books.

I see the consultant next week and have a scan (will be 35+1) and I am determined to say elective rather than ECV, I am taking hubby with me for support. Also I want consultant to see there is a 12in height difference between hubby and me, and that although DH is very slim he has ENORMOUSLY wide shoulders - hence baby may also especially as it is a boy!

I will keep an eye on this thread and would appreciate the OP comments on what happens to her.


ilovemydogandmrobama Fri 12-Jun-09 10:08:39

DS turned at 36 weeks. smile

joscrimgeour Fri 12-Jun-09 10:13:13

HI there I had ecv with my first. I worried about it a lot but it was absolutely fine. A little uncomfortable but very quick. I went on to be overdue and DS was born at 40 +11. Unfortunately I had to have c-section anyway but that was nothing to do with breech. If your doctor is recommending ecv I would seriously consider it. Good luck.

Gillyan Fri 12-Jun-09 10:50:27


I am in a similar situation, no previous experience but though I would share!

I am 36 +1 Found out yesterday that baby has turned and is now breech. She was 3/5 engaged 3 days ago!!!!!!

I ahve been having threatened pre-term labour since 34 wks and have been ina nd out of hopsital.

I am booked to have a section anyway as had a bad time last time.

Doc said I was to go back next thursday for a repaet scan and if she was still breech they could do the ECV, which he said was very succesfull?? I have never heard of it working for anyone though! but then he said as I am having the section anyway they won't bother unless I change my mind and want a vaginal delivery. I'll be 37 wks next week and wondering if he'll do a section early??

he told me I was at risk of cord prolapse and they wanted to keep me in indefinately but let me go as I live 5 mins awya from hospital and I have a 3yr old at home.

Bloomin nightmare, I have had all my steroid shots so if she comes early they not worried about her being prem now, just worried about the cord. Apparantly if I have ONE contraction of feel funny Ihave to go dtraught in and if my waters break I've got dial 9991 Drama!

Hope you go on okay, yours might turn yet

HeadFairy Fri 12-Jun-09 10:55:41

My ds was always breech from the point he was big enough to feel what bit was where iyswim. The midwives all disagreed with me but I could feel his head in my ribs (they thought that was his bum) so I insisted on a scan at 38 weeks. It was a bit late really because none of them had believed me. Of course the breech presentation was confirmed, and I was asked if I wanted ECV. Now considering ds was now 39 weeks, he had a huge head that was really jammed hard under my ribs, and I had a terrible chest infection at the time, I decided not to opt for the ECV. I felt so damn ill I couldn't face it.

Had planned cs, and turns out when they scanned me in theatre before the cs that he was footling, so I was always going to be having a cs. CS was fine, no problems at all, very calm, recovery good. DS not showing any problems as to why he was breech, was walking at 10 months and hasn't stopped since.

OonaghBhuna Fri 12-Jun-09 13:01:29

i am in the same position, found out yesterday my baby was in the oblique breech position, they arent even going to try to turn this baby.If my waters break I have to go into hosp immediately due to a cord prolapse.I would be in shock if it turns naturally as my two DDs were in really awkward postions. My section is booked at 37 weeks 14th July.If I manage to hang on until then.
Elective C section is much better than an emergency in my experience!

VeryHungryKatypillar Fri 12-Jun-09 13:16:54

I would say at this stage your chances of your baby turning are quite low, sorry! But miracles do happen... a friend's baby was breech right up until she went into labour, when it turned. Amazing!

DD was breech from about 26 weeks.. I spent the rest of my pregnancy trying to get her to move by crouching on the floor on all fours, with my bum in the air; sitting on the sofa the wrong way up (shoulders and head on the seat, bum on the back of the chair); reflexology etc. etc. Nothing worked! She just did not want to move!

We were booked in for a c-section, but I requested that they consider an ECV beforehand. They scanned me and I had a chat with the registrar.. he was not certain that it would work. Also, it was very uncomfortable when he was manipulating my tummy, just to find out how DD was positioned. As DD was not very big( and stopped growing pretty much at the same time as she went breech) we decided not to put her through the potential stress of an ECV and vaginal birth, and went with the c-section.

DD didn't have problems with her hips (breech babies are scanned a few weeks after birth to check) and after some feeding difficulties, has put on weight well.

THe c-section is certainly inconvenient and you really do need to take it really easy for the 6 or so weeks following, which is not so easy if you already have a child.

If you really don't fancy the ECV they certainly can't make you - get them to explain everything and make your own mind up. I am sure they would rather you were booked in for an elective, rather than risk you going into labour with the baby still in a breech position.

Good luck!

duchesse Fri 12-Jun-09 13:27:28

Funnily enough I was about to start a similar thread.

I have 2 friends whose babies turned at 38 weeks. Another friend who is a midwife and acupuncturist says that 40% of babies will turn spontaneously between 34 weeks and term. Going for acupunture adds 20% to these odds, she says. So if you went for acupuncture now, you should have a 60% of getting the little blighter to turn.

Innat Fri 12-Jun-09 16:17:16

Hi my dd turned at about 37/38 weeks - about 2 days before I went for the scan. It was quite amazing to watch my belly while she turned!

Just wanted to add a positive note here - it might happen for you too!

GaribaldiGirl Fri 12-Jun-09 17:58:15

For what it's worth - mine have turned really late, the last 2 at 38/39 weeks. For some women, including me, pregnancy goes on till 42 weeks so saying they need to be in position by a certain stage seems strange i think. to have a c section at 38 weeks because a baby is breech would have meant i'd have had 4 sections by now, instead of 4 lovely head first natural deliveries.

Ryn Sat 13-Jun-09 10:06:00

My DD1 was transverse til my emergency C at 38 weeks when they worked out ( a tad late) that she was also low birth weight!! Now 31 weeks with DD2 and she is... guess what.... transverse!!! Initially was stressing about it as want to try a VB (if only for quicker recovery) but I have the feeling that like some lovely ladies above, I just grow them this way!!!

Had thought she had turned the other day, but back to kicks both sides and yes my bump is odd too!!!

So am now having the positive attitude that you guys have, and think as long as she comes out healthy then it doesnt matter just how she gets here!

thanks everyone, you all made me feel better too! I was thinking I was some kind of freak that had lopsided innards xsmile

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