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Feeling sooo cold

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VanB Wed 10-Jun-09 16:32:51

Has anybody else experienced feeling cold ALL of the time in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

I don't remember this the last time around...

SuziBhoy Wed 10-Jun-09 17:09:58


ive just found out im pg and im freezing all the time.... it feels like the temp change you get when you have the cold.... i thought it was just me lol smile

mummytopebs Wed 10-Jun-09 20:23:50

Yes yes yes i am absolutly bloody freezing constantly keep having to put the heating on and wearing extra jumpers. Wonder why? weird

alfiesmadmother Wed 10-Jun-09 20:34:01

yes me too and I am 9 weeks now! Feels a bit fluey...

BiscuitStuffer Wed 10-Jun-09 20:37:11

Yes I had this with my 2nd. It's a wierd one isn't it? Freezing cold all the time and fluey. I can't remember when it stopped. possibly about 14 weeks?

thisisyesterday Wed 10-Jun-09 20:37:26

yes yes! i think i posted about it on here too.

alfiesmadmother Wed 10-Jun-09 20:41:42

It's so strange, i would have thought you would be hot!!

heylottie Wed 10-Jun-09 21:24:45

I had this too! Mostly feet like blocks of ice - wasn't sure if it was just me! I think it stopped at about 12 weeks...

VanB Thu 11-Jun-09 08:53:39

Thanks guys - glad it's not me going mad!

MadamAnt Thu 11-Jun-09 08:55:05

Yes - I always get this when pg. I think it's connected to being v tired.

Milliemuffin Thu 11-Jun-09 12:26:15

I posted this question in another thread and didnt get a single response so thought i was completely alone but is nice to know that I wasn't. I was wearing a vest and tshirt every day even when it was sunny and would often be found sitting indoors wearing a hoody or something aswell but fortunately it only lasted about 2 weeks (wks 6 to 8ish I think) and now I'm back to wearing normal layers :-)

BikeRunSki Thu 11-Jun-09 13:17:27

I was freezing cold my whole pg. Everyone tutted and told me I woudl regret being pg at the hottest time of year (DS was born early Sept), but the summer only made me feel near normal temperature!

corblimeymadam Thu 11-Jun-09 13:19:32

Message withdrawn

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 11-Jun-09 14:29:39

I was wondering exactly the same too, I keep checking whether the heating is really on, especially in the evening when I'm getting tired! I think it is worse when I'm hungry too; eating sometimes seems to help, especially eating something hot.

rostbeef Thu 11-Jun-09 14:30:35

yep - I am 9 weeks and am constantly cold. Really odd as am normally always hot!

l39 Thu 11-Jun-09 16:35:00

Yes, me too. It was back in February and March, but everyone else thought the temperature was fine. I was fully dressed under a duvet and still shivering!

Bettymum Thu 11-Jun-09 16:37:43

I was told that pregnancy gave you internal central heating but that wasn't true for me! It was hard to find maternity jumpers so I just had to buy normal ones and stretch them a bit grin. I am 6 weeks pg now, your post has made me feel all shivery. I do feel very cold at night at the mo, not so much in the day usually.

piggybank Thu 11-Jun-09 21:26:10

I am normally really warm but I have been freezing all through the first trimester !!!

skorpion Fri 12-Jun-09 13:24:41

Yes, freezing all the time. Worst in the evening. Am 16 wks now and still wrap myself in a blanket on the sofa everyday. Practicing for my grandma days grin

SuiGeneris Fri 12-Jun-09 22:39:58

Yes, especially weeks 5-7. Kept shivering despite wearing even more than my (many) usual lawyers. Glad to hear I was not the only one- I found it quite strange because all of my friends were always warm when pregnant.

Are you quite slim by any chance? My BMI is just over 20 (was trying to get to 21 because I had been told no IVF if under 21, then finally got pregnant naturally) and I often get told being cold comes with being at the smaller end of the range...

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