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ok, now im really confuzzled!

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busyalexsmummy Tue 10-May-05 16:28:59

We've got a matrix travel system, which we bought before ds arrived and incl all the accessories it was about £500+, now im pregnant again, due nov and my ds will be 20 months, i have no idea how it will work with buggies as a)we live on a big hill b) we dont have a car so rely on buses

i dont really want to get rid of the powertrack as it cost so much but Jane dont do toddler seat attatchments, i have read up on the E3 and also have been looking at the emmaljunga prams that fit toddler seats, but they are going to be alot of money and im sure we wont get very much if we were to sell the matrix(i love my powertrack matrix!!)

i dont really like double buggies, especially tandam ones i think theyre horrid so im totally stuck on what to do???????? any suggestions??

busyalexsmummy Wed 11-May-05 15:50:46


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