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Shall I phone the hospital for my results now?

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Thandeka Tue 09-Jun-09 15:19:24

Okay so had my bloods taken at 11am this morn to check for HCG doubling properly after spending sunday in A&E with suspected ectopic (which after a scan where they think they could see the fetal pole etc they now dont think it is). HCG was 7000 on sun (great for a 5week 3day pregnancy) so should hopefully be up to 14000 today.

Anyhow was told someone would phone me later with my results but it probably won't be until after 4.30. So am kinda having a little wobbly panic and really want to know if the results are in so shall I phone the EPU now just to see if they have come back yet or is that going to be really pushy and annoying of me and should I hang on til at least 5? (by posting this it is helping distract me for time being!)

(reason I am like this- had MMC at 10 weeks in pregnancy immediately before this one and had no period in between so am very wobbly at min- but in good news I threw up this morning and feel terrible and I never threw up or had particularly bad nausea in last pregnancy)

alana39 Tue 09-Jun-09 15:43:26

Phone them, so what if they think you are being pushy and annoying (chances are they won't, most of the staff will probably understand exactly how worried you are). Hopefully in a few weeks you won't have any reason to contact them so it doesn't matter what they think of you. Good luck.

Ciara11 Tue 09-Jun-09 15:45:34

If i was you then i would phone up now and see if the results are in, if your EPU is anything like mine, they wont mind at all and will do anything to put your mind at rest.
Even if all they can say, is that they are not here yet but we WILL phone you by 5, for example.

Hope everything is ok.

((((((Sending you hugs))))))

oopsacoconut Tue 09-Jun-09 15:47:42

Phone them - they know that you will be anxious and will need reassuring. they oftern say 4.30 so that they can be sure the results will be in but they are often in before then.

Fingers crossed things are oaky and let us know what they say.

Thandeka Tue 09-Jun-09 15:49:17

Yup I gave in and phoned- YAYAYAYAY they doubled! They didnt seem to mind me phoning!

Was 7800 before (so they told me wrong last time) and now 13800 so they are quite happy with that (especially since it was about 45 or 46 hours rather than 48 since last test so a bit more time and they could have gone up further. Am so relieved!

Next step another early scan a week on Thursday (when I will be 7 weeks) so they can check for the heartbeat. Fingers crossed (although last time I saw a heartbeat anyhow and still miscarried so I know it isnt definitive)

oopsacoconut Tue 09-Jun-09 15:50:56


Thandeka Tue 09-Jun-09 16:03:29

Thanks guys. Am soooo relieved and praying this pregnancy works out this time. Am signed off work at the min so intend to spend the rest of the week lying on the sofa and trying to eat things that dont make me feel too grim!

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