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Can they measure a babies shoulder width in a scan?

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heartmoonshadow Tue 09-Jun-09 12:52:38


I am getting more and more nervous as the time approaches - I am 34+3 weeks and I am due to have a growth scan next week.

My concern is that I am 5ft 2in (although I am a plus size) and my husband is 6ft 2in - very tall and slim but with very wide shoulders.

I was wondering can they tell the width of the shoulders on a scan as I am really worried that my baby - a boy - will take after his dad and be very wide. I should also tell you that I am an anomaly in my family as 90% of family very tall - brothers are 5ft 11in and 6ft 4in and also very broad shouldered.

I have to see the consultant after my scan what advice would you give me when talking to her - I am concerned that baby will get stuck and not be able to breathe etc. Would you ask for an elective C-section?

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