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1st pregnancy - what is this pain?

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appletiser Tue 09-Jun-09 11:14:38

Hi - sorry hope this doesnt end up having tmi... and i feel a bit silly asking.. but.. i am 38+2 for the past wk when i went to toilet at night aftewards i would get a pain low down - something like i assume a braxton hicks is like..i havent really had many of those.past 2 nights i got a similar pain when i was just laying in bed.. now when i stand or especially after going to the toilet i get this what i woudl describe as very severe period pain - the problem is - i am currently in the process of moving house - my midwife is a city an hour away (hopefully moving there tomorrow) however today i have an unavoidable meeting to go to 35mins in the opposite direction which is worying me incase these pain are significant....i dont know what i am asking really - probably just a bit of reassurance and similar experiences from other mumsnetters..

KirstyJC Tue 09-Jun-09 11:18:25

It sounds like practice contractions - I didn't get them much first time but had them really badly 2nd time for the last 3 weeks or so. Must have worked though 'cos the labour was 2 hours 25 mins start to finish!!

Do the pains go if you shift position? Mine did, and I think that's one of the classic ways you can tell it's practice contractions.

If all else is well, baby moving etc then I wouldn't worry but you might want to a) phone midwife to check and b) not venture too far from home without someone else or at least a phone!

Good luck smile

appletiser Tue 09-Jun-09 11:24:33

i guess it does ease if i lay on one side than the other- well maybe it just feels better.. baby tends not too move too much till the evenin and middle of the night so during the day its really easy to miss movements if i am up and about... taking it easy infront of the tv now for a bit to see what happens...

appletiser Tue 09-Jun-09 12:14:50

possible tmi : i forgot to mention - everytime i have this pain it feels like i need to go sit on the loo - and when i do i always end up opening bowels..

KirstyJC Tue 09-Jun-09 13:02:22 somewhere that in early labour or the run-up to it, sometimes bowels are emptied (suppose it's the body's way of making sure nothing blocks baby's way out!?!?).

Does sound a bit like strong practice contractions but I would phone midwife - esp if you are clearing bowels ready for birth as that might suggest not long to go.....

(not intending to scare you btwgrin - could be you just eat lots of fibre gringrin)

Maybe log how often you get pains and what you are doing ie sitting, standing etc. If they start getting closer together then maybe time to check your labour bag is fully packed.....and give the midwife a call!

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