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Has anyone 'lost' pregnancy symptoms ?

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Stumblebum Mon 08-Jun-09 22:29:59

Nearly 7 weeks pg and a bit worried.

Last week I was very tired, sore boobs and nauseous with some sickness.

However, the last couple of days I have felt nothing at all. Just feel normal. No bleeding though.

Had very bad morning sickness in previous pregnancies that kicked in at about 5 1/2 weeks.

Had one mc in 2005.

If I go the dr is there a test that they can do at this stage? Or would it be too early to scan?


Stumblebum Mon 08-Jun-09 22:45:34

Mistymoo Mon 08-Jun-09 22:47:42

Don't really know what to say except that I'm sure everything is OK.

Stumblebum Mon 08-Jun-09 22:50:22

Thanks. Should go to bed but am worrying on here instead.

Was going to make an appt tomorrow, but didn't know if I should wait a bit longer.

dal21 Tue 09-Jun-09 07:54:00

Hi stumble - if you are 7 weeks, you can go for a scan and at this stage, they should be able to see a heartbeat. Private clincs do viability scans at this stage if you get no joy via nhs/ gp.

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Tue 09-Jun-09 08:17:08

Hi Stumble, I am nearly 9 weeks and my symptoms completely disappeared last week, I had loads more energy and no more nausea. I was convinced I had a mmc, went for a scan on thursday and saw healthy heartbeat and litle blob baby measuring exactly 8 weeks. If you can, try and get a reassurance scan, I know how worrying it is when you just don't know. My symptoms have returned with a vengence this week hmmgrin

Fingers crossed for you smile

Weegle Tue 09-Jun-09 09:43:45

This is my second pregnancy but in my first pregnancy at 7 weeks on the dot I stopped feeling sick, I didn't feel too tired, and my boobs stopped hurting - I was absolutely convinced something was wrong. To the point I got sent for a scan. Bean there with heartbeat. Boy did I regret the missing symptoms when I woke up on the morning of 8 weeks and promptly chucked up, and then had 24 hour MS for the next 6 weeks. I remember being so worried though, so you have my every sympathy.

Stumblebum Tue 09-Jun-09 09:47:07

Thank you - I've just made an appointment with my GP, going in 30 mins.

I wasn't sure if they would be able to see anything at a scan, but if they can send me for one that would be brilliant.

Fingers crossed.

Congratulations you two - good luck with the rest of your pregnancies!

Milliemuffin Tue 09-Jun-09 09:51:42

I'm 11 weeks and other than diarrhoea have no symptoms so know how you're feeling. Fingers crossed for all of us xx

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Tue 09-Jun-09 10:30:08

Let us know how you get on Stumblebum, will be thinking of you x

Stumblebum Wed 10-Jun-09 06:52:30

Thanks for the lovely messages - I just have to do another pg test this am. However, I was really ill last night, it felt just like my pregnancies should do! grin

So feel a bit better now - was just being hormonally jittery!

Longtalljosie Wed 10-Jun-09 06:59:17

I seem to remember there are days you get "off" from morning sickness, and you spend all that time worrying it means there's a problem, and then the symptoms come back - and you wish you'd been able to enjoy feeling un-sick!

flyingcloud Wed 10-Jun-09 08:51:34

I should probably start a new thread, but yesterday at 7 weeks pregnant, I suddenly didn't feel pregnant at all. I've had no real signs to date apart from backache and tummy twinges. The twinges came back again last night (it feels like I've over done the sit ups is the only way to describe it).

I took another test last night - still pregnant and this morning I've got a very faint brown discharge - enough to notice that there's something down there before I go to the loo (sorry TMI).

I'm away from home and not sure what to do about this. I could call a local doctor here and see what they say but I'm flying home at 5pm tonight. Or should I just do nothing and calm down?!

Thanks for advice and reassurance.

jardins Thu 11-Jun-09 11:38:53

I'm a tad disconcerted to say the least. I am also at the 7ish week mark (my first doctor's appointment will be June 22nd) and I have been suffering from nausea mornings, evenings, nights, and, well, during the afternoon too sometimes! However after my usual bout of evening sickness yesterday evening whilst cooking my DC's supper, I ate something and went to bed really early, and was AMAZED that throughout the night I did not have any sickness. It would have been a relief except I spent most of my night worrying in my sleep about the possibility of mc (I had one end of March this year). I recall this happened a couple of weeks ago too. Today so far I've managed to eat heartily and whilst remaining very sensitive to many foods and a little off colour I feel I am having a reprieve. Has this happened to anyone else? Does nausea come and go?

sifuentes Thu 11-Jun-09 11:48:14


totally echo what others have said.

I started with bad MS at just over 4 weeks. I had a weekend more or less 'off' and totally convinced myself it was an MC. I referred myself to the EPU where I saw my little jumping bean plus flickery white heartbeat and can't even describe the relief. (that was at nearly 8 weeks)

As the nurse predicted from that afternoon until Tuesday, so for over a week I was then so ill I couldn't get out of bed without vomming.

Today I feel all right again. Am I being totally rational about that fact? Am I f*!!

It's the rollercoaster ride that is early pregnancy.

I would suggest to anyone who is worried to get a scan.

Good luck to all of us

Stumblebum Thu 11-Jun-09 18:30:17

Just to update - I have been sick,sick,sick for 2 days now! Am glad (but feel rotten!). Totally different to my other pg's. I guess we'll just have to all wait and see - good luck to everyone!

alison6692 Thu 11-Jun-09 19:16:59

Thats fab news x Very pleased for you.

My symptoms disappeared with my fist pregnancy and sadly it ended in a M/C - I think most EPU's would be happy to scan you if all your symptoms vanished - they did this for me friend - everything was fine and dandy but they counted the scan as a dating scan so she didn't get another scan done til 20weeks. Long old wait.

hoobylou Sat 13-Jun-09 11:42:13

Hi ladies,
I have an scan booked on monday at my EPU. monday seems a long way off. i will be 6 weeks on monday. I already know that this is going to end in another mc (this will be my 3rd) I started feeling sick, tired and sore boobs from the day i was due on, but negative tests. Then after 4 days the symptons disapeared! but took another test (or 4!! ) and all positive! but quite faint and took quite a while to come up. I have sore boobs and my sense of smell has gone through the roof, but apart from that nothing apart from horrid cramps almost constantly! This is exactly what happened with the other 2. Im just wishing and hoping i am wrong, but i know im not. I know every pregnancy is diffrent, but to go from feeling sick constantly to nothing, and added with the faint tests im not holding out much hope!
guess ill have to wait till monday. Ive never wished i was wrong so much than right now. Sorry for the long post.
Has anyone one been in the same situation? have previous mc's then sure was having another one ??? i guess i just want that last little bit of hope!

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