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How can you tell if baby's spine is pointing outwards?

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Picante Sun 07-Jun-09 19:58:29

Getting strong kicks either side of my tummy which would lead me to believe my baby is doing splits. hmm

Surely if the spine is against my tummy then I'd be getting kicks in the kidneys?

manyhatson Sun 07-Jun-09 20:46:33

Apparently if your belly button is poking out, it's a good sign, so my reflexologist (who's a midwife) told me yesterday.

I am also trying to work out my baby's position...!

BiscuitStuffer Sun 07-Jun-09 20:50:25

Lie down on your back with your knees bent. If the belly button part of your bump is hugely dipped then that indicates that the spine is towards your back.

Also - if you can feel the babies head and then simply press firmly in to the bump and it feels hard and solid, then you probably have it's back and bum rather than knees and elbows....

Picante Sun 07-Jun-09 20:52:10

Just did that Biscuit and bump wasn't dipped but I could press it down quite a long way and it was quite squishy. Got to stop lolling about on the sofa!

BiscuitStuffer Sun 07-Jun-09 21:08:03

Yes! How many weeks are you?

Picante Mon 08-Jun-09 13:18:50

30 tomorrow. It's not too late to worry is it?

MrsTittleMouse Mon 08-Jun-09 13:26:10

I had the square bump with squishy centre that Biscuit describes. I could also see feet pushing up against the bump which was a bit of a give-away! I managed to turn DD2 with OFP, by the way, and it was definitely worth the trouble. Even though DD2 is 8 months and I still relish lounging on my back on the sofa.

lastboxoftampons Mon 08-Jun-09 13:35:16

I still can't tell what's what in there, but a friend sent me this link Determining your baby's position and I thought I'd pass it along! smile

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